CSV REPORT: Get ConfigMgr Collection Excluded or Included Collection Rules

Currently there should be no builtin report that will show you Excluded or Included collections and because of that I did two simple PowerShell scripts that queries Included or Excluded collections. Both of these scripts creates a CSV file. You can run this script on your Primary, CAS or Central site like this: Get-CMCollectionExcludedCollectionRules.ps1 -SiteCode PS1 -SiteServer Localhost -OutPut c:\Temp\ExcludedCollectionReports.csv Get-CMCollectionIncludedCollectionRules -SiteCode PS1 -SiteServer Localhost -OutPut c:\Temp\IncludedCollectionReports.csv Get-CMCollectionIncludedCollectionRules.ps1 Get-CMCollectionExcludedCollectionRules.ps1 Example Output  

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Quick and Dirty Management Point check

If you have a big Configuration Manager environment and you don´t have a monitoring solution like SCOM or NAGIOS, then PowerShell can help you too.  This script queries all Management Points from SMS_SystemResourceList WMI class and it will check MPCERT and MPLIST website status. If you want to use this script then run it on your Central, CAS or Primary Site Server like this: Get-CMSMPStatus.ps1 -SiteCode PS1 -SiteServer Localhost -OutPut c:\Temp\MPStatus.csv. This will create a CSV Report (example below) This script should work with PSH v2 and v3. You can download the code example from here

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Slides & Runbooks from NIC 2013

  We had a great time at NIC 2013. You can download my slides and examples below. System Center Operations Manager 2012 - OpsMgr New Tools and Fun Stuff System Center Orchestrator 2012 - Runbook Design for Service manager System Center Orchestrator 2012 - Self service with Service manager   Coming soon: Coretech Survailance Widget Example (Source and management pack)

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Property reference with id {XXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} in workflow cannot be resolved

  Today i was creating a new management pack in the Authoring Console. When I saved I didn’t get any errors, neither did I when I imported it. Shortly after event 1201 (management pack received), I received this event:     I know this is a problem with my newly created management pack, but the property reference id {8F538D63-86DA-C149-3C84-1F1AACE2DF930} doesn’t make any sense to me (I doubt it does for anybody). Resolution: To resolve this id, run this query against the OperationsManager database.   SELECT MT.TypeName, MTP.ManagedTypePropertyName FROM ManagedTypeProperty as MTP, ManagedType as MT WHERE MTP.ManagedTypePropertyId = '8F538D63-86DA-C149-3C84-1F1AACE2DF930' AND MTP.ManagedTypeId = [...]

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Slides and notes from my 3rd. party Patch Management session @NIC 2013

A huge thanks to all NIC 2013 attendees, once again you proved that Norway is a perfect place to host the Nordic Infrastructure Conference. Two great days with some A-Class speakers. As promised here is my slide deck from my 3rd. party software update session. During my session, I discussed how to prepare your environment for 3rd. party patch management and demonstrated two different solutions. Download Slide deck System Center Updates Publisher Download the complete SCUP 2021 guide here Checkout the SCUP videos  Checkout the PatchMyPc catalog here: Check out the “scupdates” catalog here: Secunia Download Secunia PSI, a freeware [...]

Slides and demo files from NIC 2013– Software Update Management

A huge thanks to all NIC 2013 attendes, once again you proved that Norway is a perfect place to host the Nordic Infrastructure Conference. Two great days with A Class speakers.  Slides from my first session SC 2012 Configuration Manager - Software Update Management 5 minutes is all it takes During the session I demonstrated how you could use PowerShell to create a Software Update Packages and modify the update package in an existing Automatic Deployment Rule. Both scripts can be downloaded here – all credit goes to my colleague and undefeated powerShell champ Kaido I also demonstrated a nice [...]

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Working with database replicas on your Management Point

Wonder why you should consider database replicas on your Management Points? The answers are in this webcast from Brian Mason (fellow Configuration Manager MVP from Minnesota.) The keywords are fault tolerance and performance and who do not want that as part of their Configuration Manager infrastructure. Download the MP replica step-by-step guide Huge thanks to Brian Mason for helping out with the document and for convincing me to use this feature.

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SCCM 2012 SP1 – Now cleaning up Update Packages & Folders

This just made my day – i simply could not wait to get this out in a blogpost! Those of you that spend time managing Sofware Updates via ConfigMgr will be happy to know that Microsoft went ahead and made a maintenence task/routine for cleaning up packages and folders with expired updates. Previously you would have to run some executable script that would go in and do the cleanup for you, and could at times give you some trouble – well its a custom made script made by someone, so who knows what might happen. Plus it would require you [...]

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Post SCCM 2012 SP1 – failure to update boot images

*** UPDATE *** This also works if you are unable to rebuild your boot images after upgrading to Windows 10 ADK (the final version) I did a customer SP1 upgrade during the weekend, the process ran successfully according to the Setup UI, but when I later tried to update the boot images I received the following error: Failed to insert OSD binaries into the WIM file Another symptom of this problem is that when you open the properties for the boot images, the pane Optional components will show no items in either of the lists. And finally you may also [...]

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Common issues when working with certificates in OpsMgr

The last couple of weeks I have been working a lot with certificates in Operations Manager 2012 – agents and gateways in workgroup. I have worked so much with this that it feels like I have seen all the possible issues one can meet when configuring this. Both for helping you guys, and as a notepad for myself, here’s the issues (and solution) I met on my way: First of all, make sure no firewall is blocking the communication. You can test this by telnetting port 5723 both ways.   Issue: no certificates available in the certificates dropdown list when [...]

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Correct – SCCM 2012 does not support SQL Mirroring and can breake a SCCM SP1 upgrade

As stated here SQL mirroring is not supported for the ConfigMgr database. However a technet article do not stop all database administrors’s from enabling the setting anyway believing that it will not cause any issues – but boy it does. SQL mirroring will break the SCCM SP1 upgrade process and leave the primary site server in a non-functional mode where a site restore is the only way back. The issue can be found in the ConfigMgrSetup.log file. USE [cm_ps1]; ALTER DATABASE [cm_ps1] SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE;  $$<Configuration Manager Setup><01-11-2013 10:38:29.887+00><thread=4136 (0x1028)> *** [42000][1468][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The operation [...]

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