This just made my day – i simply could not wait to get this out in a blogpost!

Those of you that spend time managing Sofware Updates via ConfigMgr will be happy to know that Microsoft went ahead and made a maintenence task/routine for cleaning up packages and folders with expired updates.

Previously you would have to run some executable script that would go in and do the cleanup for you, and could at times give you some trouble – well its a custom made script made by someone, so who knows what might happen.

Plus it would require you to actually go and do something manually – and we humans are built in a manner that we do sometimes forget things. No more!

Look at this:

sync: SMS performing cleanup
Removed 89 unreferenced updates
Done synchronizing SMS with WSUS Server sccmserver.domain.local
Set content version of update source {…..} for site PS1 to 191
Sync succeeded. Setting sync alert to canceled state on site PS1
Updated 195 items in SMS database, new update source content version is 191
Sync time: 0d00h10m08s
Deleting old expired updates…
Deleted 2 expired updates
Deleted 35 expired updates
Deleted 35 expired updates total
Deleted 205 orphaned content folders in package PS10000D (2012-2)
Deleted 2076 orphaned content folders in package PS10000E (EndpointProtection)

That is pretty Nice!