After upgrading to Windows 8, I ran into problems with Cisco AnyConnect, which I am required to use when connecting to some of our customers.

The error you will encounter looks something like this, The VPN client driver encountered an error.


After a google session I found quite a few suggestions that changing the displayname value in the registry would solve it.

Well I ‘m not one to argue with Google, so I gave it a shot


The value shown above must be changed into


in my case, I had to remove this bit of the text, @oem12.inf,%vpnva_Desc%;, but the oemxx.inf will vary from system to system

Should you have “unattended” needs, you can fix this as part of your package or task sequence using the following command

reg add hklm\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\vpnva /v DisplayName /f /d "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64"