You know how when ever you run something from a prompt in Windows 7 or Server2008 you need to remember to elevate the privileges, or you will get the annoying message that you do not have administrative privileges, which then means you will have to open a new prompt, run it as administrator,  and do things all over again.. (especially annoying when working with WAIK)

Well I know that you could just disable UAC all together, but that's not what Microsoft intended when they put it there! and it would also mean a huge decrease in security.

So what to do about that! Well the simple solution is an old one that everyone knows, but like me might have forgotten.


image first open the shortcut to the app in question.

In this case it is the Deployment Tools Command Prompt  used when working with ImageX, DISM and other WAIK tools.

Hit the Advanced button.

image Make sure Run as administrator is checked, and click OK twice to accept the change.

That's is! Not very hardcore technical stuff, but none the less, it saves me a lot of headache..