Microsoft has released build 10041 of Windows 10 Technical preview, but again there is only an ISO for the Professional edition.

The workaround

well lucky for us, there is a way around this. It is possible to utilize DISM to change editions of Windows, so by running a few commands we can upgrade the install.wim from Pro to Enterprise.

To do this you need a computer with Windows 10 installed, as we need the latest version of DISM. Simply install Windows 10 Pro using the latest release on a physical or virtual computer.

Mount the Windows 10 Pro ISO, and copy the content to a new folder, lets call it C:\W10.

2015-04-21 09_52_32-Windows 10 WTP1 on CTHRA-W530 - Virtual Machine Connection

Fire up PowerShell with administrative privileges, and run the following command to mount the Install.wim (remember to create the C:\Mount folder)

1 MountWindowsImage ImagePath C:\W10\sources\install.wim Index 1Path C:\Mount

2015-04-21 09_50_30-Windows 10 WTP1 on CTHRA-W530 - Virtual Machine Connection

Now run this command to change the Windows edition in the Install.wim file.

1 SetWindowsEdition path c:\mount Edition Enterprise

2015-04-21 10_00_11-Windows 10 WTP1 on CTHRA-W530 - Virtual Machine Connection

Last thing is to dismount the Install.wim file by running the following statement.

1 DismountWindowsImage Path C:\Mount Save

2015-04-21 10_06_11-Windows 10 WTP1 on CTHRA-W530 - Virtual Machine Connection

Now you have an Install.wim file that has been lifted to the Enterprise Edition. All that is left to do is take the content of the C:\W10 folder and create a bootable USB stick, or use the Install.wim file directly.