Update 19/11/2013: Beta 3 uploaded.


The integration from SCO to SCSM is great using the official integration pack published by Microsoft.

but unfortunately it does have one bug, that is quite show-stopping for a lot of automations.

The Problem

Problem appears when using the “Create change request with template” or the “Create incident with template”

The object is created by there is something missing

  1. The Prefix for the work item it self is missing (1234 instead of CR1234). this can be fixed using the method i have described here
  2. the Activities does not have a ID prefix. This cannot be fixed using the built-in activities since it must be changed before committing the work item in the database


The Fix

using this integration pack you can create any kind of work item based on a template

The work item will be created using correct prefixes for the IDs both in the work item it self and the activities that it contains.


the integration pack contains one activitiy “Create Object from template”


It has 2 parameters:

SCSM Server – the FQDN of the server

Template GUID – the guid of the template you want to base your work item on

Published Data:


ID – the ID of the work item

SC Object GUID – the GUID of the work item

This activity does not make it possible to change any fields or have other fields published.

You should use the “Update Object” activity to change the newly created object after the creation.

Please notice that this is the first beta.

any kind of comments or suggestions is welcomed.

Download from Microsoft Technet Gallery: