Update 22-01-2013:

Mark has posted a comment telling how to enable all the shortcuts  for PowerShell (and other administrative stuff)

"The reason the powershell ise does not show on the start menu is that it is part of the administrative tools which are not shown by default.

Hit the start key to go to the start menu, then top right corner to open the charms, settings, tiles

and you can turn the administrative tools on then they are available on the start menu (and via start search / pin them to the task bar)."

Thanks a lot Mark!



about a week ago I started using Windows 8. I think it is a nice enhancement since Windows 7, they have removed most of the annoying parts of the windows 7 GUI.

I script a lot of PowerShell, therefore it did not take long before I had to open the PowerShell ISE

But where is it??


As you can see there is no link for PowerShell ISE!

But it is actually installed.

There are 2 ways to open the ISE:

  1. Right click a .ps1 file and select Edit
  2. Go to C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 and run powershell_ise.exe

The new ISE has a very cool new feature. a Command browser


You can find in the right side of the window.

To use it do the following:

1. Select Module


2. find the command


3. Click Show Details to load the selected module


4. Now you can setup the command by using text boxes and dropdowns


5. Optionally you can expand the Common parameters section and setup common parameters like ErrorAction


6. When you have finished, click Run, Insert or Copy


6. And the command will be inserted into the console


Great new feature that makes it easy to browse and find the parameters.