Which management pack contains my group or Distributed Application? A couple of days ago I got a question, which I thought could be the 1$ question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but I was actually a bit wrong.


While you can always see directly in the UI in which management pack rules, monitors, overrides have been saved, it is not exactly the same with Groups and Distributed Applications.


Neither in the Groups view nor in the properties of the group can you see anything about the management pack in which it has been saved. Same goes for DA’s. So, you will have to find it elsewhere.


If you are extremely bored: export all custom management packs, open them one by one and search for your group.


If you are not extremely bored: you have two possibilities:


1. Go to Discovered Inventory, press “Change Target Type…” in the pane to the right.

Choose “View all targets”, search for your group and you get the management pack, as shown below.




2. Make an override for the group: pick a random alert, right click it, point to Overrides and Override the Montitor… and select “For a group”. Search for your group and select it. You can now see in which management pack the group is stored:




Note: this option only works if the management pack containing the group is unsealed.


Happy finding where your Groups and DA’s are stored!