Microsoft EMS News App for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10

Update: The app has now changed name and is published to the Microsoft store under the name Microsoft EMS Resources


An updated blog post is published here:

As an IT-Pro I am used to staying up to date on the latest technology that I am working with. And with On-premises solutions like traditional ConfigMgr implementations, staying up to to date is not too hard with a little bit of effort since new features and updates are not added daily as opposed to what is going on in the Cloud.

The cloud is evolving so fast with new features and services added daily and Microsoft EMS News is a tool to help IT-Pros staying up to date without too much effort where Microsoft EMS News is built to give a single place and/or stream of information about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

This is a community tool that offers a “single-pane-of-glass” into the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite where you have a single hub for all the necessary information to get you started with EMS and Hybrid-Cloud services.

The App consists of these sections:




The App will be available in the Microsoft Store in not to long. So stay tuned here and I will update this blog post when it hits the marked.

Meanwhile, if you want to download the bits and install it through PowerShell (the Kaido-way), you can do that right here:

Windows 10: Download (MicrosoftEMSNews.Desktop-v1.0.7.0) –> Extract –> Run the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 PowerShell script and it will install it for you.



Windows Phone 10: Just use a QR Reader and scan this photo:


PS: The name of the App will probably change in the future.

Hope this app can help others in the same position as me! Smile


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Marius A. Skovli
Microsoft Enterprise Client Management Evangelist with: 10+ years experience within Microsoft System Management Solutions Extensive experience across Private and Public Sector Passion for Community Driven work, volunteering within Microsoft technology Great belief that sharing experience within fellow peers is key to creating a sustainable society Strong commitment to System Center User Group Norway as co-founder and current leader I am a technology enthusiast working as a consultant for the consultant company CTGlobal. I have always been passionate about IT and have the last 10 + years worked with Management and Automation within Microsoft technology. Back in 2005/6 I started working with System Management Server (SMS) 2003 and have been working with Enterprise Client Management ever since, where i today focus on helping customers design and implement solutions based on System Center Configuration Manager and/or Enterprise Mobility Suite from Microsoft. Other parts of my work consists of speaking and presenting at different events and seminars, doing research and blog about solutions I find and products I work with. I truly believe in a strong community where knowledge and know-how is essential. Creating creative arenas where it is possible for peers to spread the word about new technologies and solutions is key and as an act on this I co-founded System Center User Group Norway ( SCUG is an initiative where we discuss, preach and present new technologies and solutions in the System Center Space from Microsoft. This is a free arena for everybody to join that is interested in/or enthusiastic about Microsoft Cloud Platform (Enterprise Client Management or Cloud and Datacenter). Specialties: System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM2007-SCCM2012), Enterprise Mobility and Intune, Windows and Windows server deployment.


  1. Aengus Moran November 11, 2015 at 23:34 - Reply


    • Marius A. Skovli
      Marius A. Skovli November 25, 2015 at 22:21 - Reply

      You’re welcome! Stay tuned – hopefully I will have it in the store this Month.

    • Marius A. Skovli
      Marius A. Skovli December 8, 2015 at 9:57 - Reply

      FYI: The app is now in Store under the name: Microsoft EMS Resources

  2. Chris November 30, 2015 at 16:56 - Reply

    Thanks for the post.
    Like yourself I am amazed at the speed of changes and developments in the cloud space. I too come from traditional On Premises SCCM. My boss through me a bone to chew on two months ago. Hey – take a look at this (EMS). he said. – OK I said –
    Wow as fast as a learn stuff – things change. !
    But its exciting stuff.

    • Marius A. Skovli
      Marius A. Skovli November 30, 2015 at 23:07 - Reply

      You’re welcome Chris!

      And Yes, staying up to date with all the changes in the cloud is difficult, but not impossible! We just have to know where to look for all the information out there. EMS is exciting! Good luck with what I hope is an EMS implementation. =)

    • Marius A. Skovli
      Marius A. Skovli December 8, 2015 at 9:57 - Reply

      FYI: The app is now in Store under the name: Microsoft EMS Resources

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