Move An Outlook Data file To A New Computer / (.pst) / Emails

Problem: How to Export your Outlook Data file (.pst) from one computer to another Short link to the blog: First I want you to notice that I am using Outlook 2013. There are other versions of outlook and it is possible to do the exact same thing. You are able to transfer the data files from one Outlook version to another. Follow this guide if you want to use another computer and want to keep your old data such as emails, folders and more. Through these steps, you are able to get all your emails and data with you into [...]

Azure Automation DSC: How to register and use Azure Automation DSC

One of the new features of Azure Automation is still somewhat hidden. It needs to be enabled before you see it in the GUI This blog post gives a quick overview of what is needed to use it.   Step 1: Enable the extension in your Azure Account [crayon-5d2fe792747e0636537734/] The command registers the azure automation dsv extension on your account. This shows the DSC Nodes tile in your automation account:     Step 2: Select subscription and default values Before you can run any command you will need to select your subscription. additionally each of the command needs 2 values [...]

PowerShell: LEAP Motion PowerShell Lottery Script @ Danish PowerShell User Group

In our geek club aka The Danish PowerShell user group, we always do a lottery in the end, for books or similar. To draw the correct winner we have been using a script that I have developed. I have for a long time, promised to release the script so that other user groups or other interested people can use it for fun! It has amazing ascii graphics and colors!!! It will take you straight back to your C64 loading screen! The script is a lottery script that takes a file from containing all attendees. The script need a LEAP [...]

Bluestripe acquired by Microsoft

It was with great excitement that I read that Microsoft has acquired Bluestripe . I have been working with their product Factfinder for a while now and is impressed with it’s features. The acquisition means even better integration and features for a solution that is already great and right now provide immense value to any SCOM and SCSM solution, which is why we always recommend our customers to consider Factfinder as part of their System Center implementation. Without Bluestripe’s product Factfinder, mapping services and creating distributed applications in SCOM, is typically a manual task and requires you to collect information [...]

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