In our geek club aka The Danish PowerShell user group, we always do a lottery in the end, for books or similar.

To draw the correct winner we have been using a script that I have developed.

I have for a long time, promised to release the script so that other user groups or other interested people can use it for fun!

It has amazing ascii graphics and colors!!! It will take you straight back to your C64 loading screen!

The script is a lottery script that takes a file from containing all attendees.

The script need a LEAP Motion device for actually triggering the lottery, for this I have developed a few .NET DLL’s based on a sample from

You can download the package with Script and files here:

Download “” – Downloaded 193 times – 727 KB

How to use:

1. Export at list of your users from eventbrite, use the sample file or edit the sample file to contain your users

2. Save the file as names.csv in same directory as this script (and the other files)

3. Connect your LEAP Motion

4. Start script using the shortcut (you might need to edit the shortcut for the location of your script

5. When it was “connected”. Press enter to start the lottery

6. To “turn the dail” use your hand and swipe over the LEAP Motion. The speed of your hand will have influence in how long the “wheel” turns.

Here is the content of the script:

I know that not everyone owns a LEAP motion, this script could be easily edited to be used only using the keyboard and a random “wheel run time”

If you edit the script for this, please post it in the comments.

Otherwise if there is enough requests, I will do it myself! 😉

Go Lottery Go!!