Error when running Application reports in ConfigMgr 2012

During the SQL Reporting Services site system role, SCCM automatically create a login in SQL and assign the required permissions to the account that you have specified. However I have seen several times that the account do not have the permissions required to run some of the Application reports.   When running the Software Distribution - Application Monitoring > All application deployments (advanced) report I get the following error An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted) Query execution failed for dataset 'FirstMatchingAppOrCollection'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand) The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'fnGetSiteNumber', database 'CM_PS1', schema 'dbo'. To solve the [...]

Create a rule to collect Scheduled Task event log entries in SCOM 2012

  One of the biggest advantages of SCOM is how easy it is to pick up event from the event log and how flexible this can be. Simply go to Event Viewer, choose between the logs and find the event ID you want to alert upon.   But what about Scheduled Tasks? The status of the tasks is not written to any of the standard logs. So how does one pick them up? There is actually an event log for this; it is just not shown by default. In Event Viewer, right click Create Custom Views and scroll down to [...]

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The Web Recorder tab is gone when recording a browser session in SCOM 2012

I was going to create a quite simple browser session for a customer today, but when IE opened the Web Recorder tab wasn’t present. As usual I minimize the 32 bit version and open the 64 bit version of IE instead, but with same result. I also made sure the “Enable third-party browser extensions*” was checked off. Odd! Clicking around in blind a little, I went to View and Explorer bars and noticed…. Web Recorder! Open that and enabled the Microsoft Web Recorder Helper And voila! I can now record sessions: NOTE: a little trick is also to edit the following [...]

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SCO 2012: Updating the stored procedures in the database to remove deleted objects from the Authorization Cache

  As you might know, Orchestrator never deleted anything from the database, instead it marks the object as deleted. Ryan talks about it in this blog post about undeleting objects. Read more here In my Lab environment I import and delete a lot of runbooks. A couple of weeks ago i hit a point where the web service did not show all objects. After a thorough investigation i found out that the authorization cache was too big to be generated within the giving time. Therefore the web service would timeout before the cache was complete. I tried to delete objects, [...]

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Take control of your ConfigMgr Collections part 1

If you are managing a large ConfigMgr environment, then it is important to know when your collections updating their memberships and if your collections are updating exactly the same time, then it may hit your SQL very badly. This script reads all the collections and you can specify which output you want – CSV or HTML. You can download the script from here

System Center 2012 ConfigMgr Advanced infrastructure session notes

Here are the promised links to our demos from the advanced infrastructure session @MMS 2013 in Las Vegas. View the session on channel 9 and download slides: Working with Management Point and SQL replicas: Step-bystep guide to create a Management Point replica: Video on setting up a Management point replica:  Working with Software Updates: Software Updates: Installing Workgroup clients: Orchestrator runbook by Andreas Falck to install Workgroup clients with PKI Distribution Points and WAN: Coretech Distribution Point Utilization Monitor: Brian Mason on twitter: @AbetterPC Brian Mason blog: Kent Agerlund on twitter: @Agerlund

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Coretech Distribution Point Utilization Monitor

Ever wanted to see how much content is being downloaded by each ConfigMgr. client and from where? Then look no further, the Coretech Distribution Point utilization monitor will give you the answers. The tool has a server portion with a database and a client that you install on all distribution points. Once a day the client (agent on the Distribution Point) will collect information from the IIS log files, convert the files to a CSV format and copy them to the server. The server uses a scheduled task in Windows to import all data into the database. Once in the [...]

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Consolidate several performance counter objects to one in a performance rule in SCOM

  Creating a performance counter rule is fairly easy using the Select button to get the object and counter. However, some “systems” create a new performance counter for each of a given object.   One of these systems is SQL and the Buffer Manager object. This object is created for each instance you are running on a SQL server, as shown below with my instances:   So, if you have five instances on a server you don’t want to create a performance rule five times with different names (at least I assume so). To avoid this you can use wildcards [...]

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Slide deck from Birds of a Feather “BOF08 PowerShell – Examples from the Real Word”

First, a huge thank to all of you who decided to spend a Wednessday evening in Las Vegas with Kaido and I – we hoped for 20 and 4 times that number showed up. The slide deck from BOF sessions are not available on You can download our slide deck from the BOF08 PowerShell – Examples from the Real Word session here

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Slides from Coretech Seminar – April 2013

  Coretech wants to thank all attendee’s for a successful and fun day at Teknologisk Institut. As promised, the presentations have been uploaded. The file contains the following presentations: Service Manager ”Gennemgang af Service Manager og anvend systemets styrker i hverdagen” Speakers: Brian Fahrenholtz & Morten Meisler Powershell ”Managing SCCM2012 with Powershell” Taler: Kaido Järvemets SCCM and Secunia ”Håndtering af Microsoft opdateringer og 3. parts opdateringer” Speakers: Kent Agerlund & Henrik Hoe Operations Manager ”Operations Manager 2012 IRL” Speakers: Kåre Rude Andersen Service Manager – overview and selfservice using Orchestrator ”Introduktion til Service Manager og sammenspillet med Orchestrator” Speakers: Jakob [...]

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Deploy Windows 8 Enterprise x86 on a UEFI x86 device using SCCM 2012 SP1

New Toys For The Boys Don’t we all love new toys, especially the ones that require an occasional recharge. The latest thing I got my hands on is the Lenovo Tablet 2, a very nice 10” tablet thing, with a couple of nice add-ons, like a docking  station, Bluetooth keyboard and a pen like stylus. But what I really like about it is that it runs a full version of Windows 8 x86, which means that I can deploy its OS over and over again   So I fired up my SCCM Console to do exactly that … The Drivers [...]

Getting ready for MMS 2013

It’s that time of year again – MMS in Vegas. This year I’ll be (co)-hosting 6 sessions – if you still have an empty slot in your schedule please consider one of these Managing Third Party Updates with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1  - Sunday, April 7, 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM Kent Agerlund, Lawrence Garvin The session will provide you with tips and tricks to solve the daily challenges around patching your environment with Microsoft and non-Microsoft updates. You will learn how to design and configure a Software Update solution that will be easy to manage and yet [...]

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Awarded Most Valuable Proffesional– MVP 2013

What a nice day, Sun is shining, the snow is melting and I just got this mail     Dear Kent Agerlund, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2013 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in System Center Configuration Manager technical communities during the past year.

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