Todays big question, can you deploy the ConfigMgr. 2012 beta 2 client to Windows 8

The answer is YES, you can install Configuration Manager 2012 beta 2 on the newly released Windows 8 platform. After a few quick tests I have verified that: The client is installed and Software Center is available Inventory is working Application deployment is working Settings Management is working Software Updates also works. Not that I could test with any Windows 8 updates, I tested with some custom updates from SCUP 2011. Remote Tools works. OSD works. It’s awesome, who would ever have thought that X-Mas would come in September this year You can download your copy of Windows 8 here

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Coretech Package Source Changer Beta

[download id="39"] This is the post that describes the tool and configuration. Please view  this guide by my colleague Kent Agerlunds, on how to use it in a ConfigMgr Migration 1. Introduction   As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. I have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either case, you must somehow update the package source before starting the migration. This utility [...]