Starting with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 we have a cmdlet called Move-CMObject. This cmdlet allows to move different objects in Admin Console. We still don’t have a cmdlet that allows to create ConfigMgr Admin Console folders but if necessary you can use this code to create folders.

Here are 6 different examples How to move objects in ConfigMgr Admin Console

# Example 1 $CMCollection = Get-CMDeviceCollection -Name "OSD - Windows 8.1" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\DeviceCollection\OSD" -InputObject $CMCollection # Example 2 $CollectionID = "PS10036C" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\DeviceCollection\OSD" -ObjectId $CollectionID # Example 3 $ConfigurationItem = Get-CMConfigurationItem -Name "Business Hours" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\ConfigurationItem\LOB" -InputObject $ConfigurationItem # Example 4 $ConfigurationItem = Get-CMConfigurationItem -Name "Cache Size" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\ConfigurationItem" -ObjectId $ConfigurationItem.ModelName # Example 5 $Application = Get-CMApplication -Name "Mozilla FireFox v7" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\Application\LOB" -ObjectId $Application.ModelName # Example 6 $Application = Get-CMApplication -Name "Company Portal" Move-CMObject -FolderPath "PS1:\Application\LOB\QA" -InputObject $Application

As you see it is really easy to move objects. You can use –InputObject or -ObjectId parameter.