How to change Configuration Manager Hardware Inventory Schedule Client Setting

Today I tried to modify Hardware Inventory Schedule client setting and it didn’t work. First I thought that I did something wrong or the cmdlet is broken. Here is the cmdlet Verbose output


Then I thought that, lets disable the HW client setting and then enable the HW client setting with correct schedule and Bingo it worked correctly.

If you compare the verbose outputs, then you will see the difference – first time it didn’t query the SMS_SCI_ClientComp WMI instance but second time it did.



Now If I try to modify the schedule again I don’t need to disable the HW setting. I tested this on Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU1 lab.

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Kaido Järvemets
Configuration Manager MVP

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  1. Garrett August 23, 2018 at 22:28 - Reply

    Do you know how to set a schedule using PS, for “Set-CMClientSettingSoftwareInventory -Name “Custom Client Settings” -Schedule”
    I used Get-CMClientSetting -Name “Default Client Agent Settings” -Setting SoftwareInventory to see what the value was for Schedule, which was “0001200000100018”. But if I put that value in the Set-CMClientSettingSoftwareInventory -Name “Custom Client Settings” -Schedule 0001200000100018 it spits out an error. and I am stuck on this.

    This is the error.
    Set-CMClientSettingSoftwareInventory : Cannot bind parameter ‘Schedule’. Cannot convert the “1200000100038” value of type “System.Int64” to type

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