Today at a costumer I was installing some Linux agents, when I got the UNIX/Linux Run As profile association error event detected alerts. This one told me that:


The account for the UNIX/Linux Action Run As profile associated with the workflow "Microsoft.Linux.SLES.11.LogFile.Syslog.SU.Command.Root.Failure.Alert", running for instance "XXX" with ID {D05E3B02-02D8-E272-5A05-E74CC1EB6B90} is not defined. The workflow has been unloaded. Please associate an account with the profile.

This condition may have occurred because no UNIX/Linux Accounts have been configured for the Run As profile. The UNIX/Linux Run As profile used by this workflow must be configured to associate a Run As account with the target.




Ok, something with the UNIX/Linux Action Run As profile.


So I went ahead and checked the account and profile, but everything seemed fine – my Linux Action account was indeed associated with the profile. I also confirmed with the local Linux guy that the account was working. The server was controlled by a resource pool, so I tried turning off the one that I was connected to, to see if it was the management server, but after the failover to the other management server, the alert continued. Odd!



I went on to the other Linux profiles to check and saw that the UNIX/Linux Privileged Account profile was not associated with an account. I tried adding my privileged account to the profile and suddenly the error stopped!


Although it works, it seems very weird that not having associated an account to the UNIX/Linux Privileged Account profile, can give errors about the UNIX/Linux Action Run As profile.


The lesson learned must be: always associate an account to all three Linux profiles!


More info on Linux accounts:


Happy associate an account with the profile’ing!