One way to ensure a really fast ROI with Configuration Manager is usage of Software Metering. Creating the rules is a simple process but gathering the exe names of the software packages can be time consuming. To save you some time I have added some of the most commonly used products.




Visio Visio.exe Microsoft
Project winproj.exe Microsoft
Frontpage Frontpg.exe Microsoft
Access Msaccess.exe Microsoft
Autocad Autocad.exe Autodesk
Acrobat Writer std Acrobat.exe Adobe
Acrobat Writer Prof. Acrobat.exe Adobe
Illustrator Illustrator.exe adobe
Image Ready ImageReady.exe Adobe
InDesign InDesign.exe Adobe
Photoshop Photoshop.exe Adobe
DreamWeaver DreamWeaver.exe Adobe
Flash Prof. Flash.exe Adobe
Crystal Reports crw32.exe Business Objects