Using Software Update Management in Config Mgr. can be a very powerful way to control the patch management process. In this post I explain the basic components that you need to know about before deploying any updates.

Updates List

  • The update list contains all my approved security updates for any given month
  • The update list is used in reports
  • The update list can be used to delegate administrative permissions. I can have one update list for server updates that is controlled by our "server guys" and one Update list containing workstation updates.

Deployment Template

  • The template contains a target collection
  • The template controls the restart settings
  • The template controls the visibility of the installation
  • Local time VS UTC time

Deployment Management

  • This is the advertisement
  • It’s the product of combining the Update List with a deployment template
  • Controls whether the updates a to be installed automatic with a deadline data/time or manually

Deployment Packages

  • A folder on the server wher Config Mgr. downloads the software update binaries
  • Will be used as the package source when replicating the updates to distribution points.