With the introduction of System Center Configuration Manager R2 comes the integration between Application Virtualization 4.5 and Configuration Manager 2007. This Guide will go through the installation and configuration.

How does Configuration Manager 2007 intergrate with the App V. client

Deliver applications:

  • SFTMIME commands are used to manage Virtual Application publishing delivery to the App. V client cache.
  • The OverrideURL registry value is configured to direct the client to the correct Distribution Point.

Launch Applications

  • Applications are launched using the SFTtray.exe command.
  • WMI is used to report on the status of the installation process.

Steps to configure Virtual Application Support

  Install Cofiguration Manager 2007 R2.
image Enable HTTP/HTTPS support on your distribution points.
image Enable Virtual streaming on the DP (only needed to support streaming deployment of Virtual applications). Download and Execute sceanrios dosn’t use this functionality.
image Configure the Advertised Programs Client Agent to Allow Virtual application package advertisement.

Be aware Application Virtualization support in Configuration Manager and "normal" Application Virtualization dosn’t go hand i hand. When you enable the support with Configuration Manager, the client will automatically remove all previously cached appications.