Last week I posted one example how to create ConfigMgr Servicing Plans with PowerShell. In this post I will show you how to create Servicin Plans using Excel.

Step 1 is to create a table like this


If you have that table with necessary information or if needed you can add more data, then simply save it as a CSV file and import the data to PowerShell.


Here is one quick and simple example how to create these Servicing Plans based on a CSV file and if needed create the Device Collections as well. This example also assumes that Software Updates Deployment Package already exists.


$ServicingPlans = Import-Csv C:\Scripts\Windows10ServicingPlans.csv -Delimiter ‘;’


$DeploymentPackage = Get-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentPackage -Name ‘Windows 10 1511 CB’


foreach($Plan in $ServicingPlans){



        New-CMCollection `

            -Name $Plan.Name `

            -CollectionType Device `

            -LimitingCollectionName ‘All systems’



    New-CMWindowsServicingPlan `

        -Name $Plan.Name `

        -CollectionName $Plan.Collection `

        -EnabledAfterCreate $True `

        -Language $Plan.Language `

        -VerboseLevel AllMessages `

        -SendWakeupPacket $True `

        -RunType RunTheRuleAfterAnySoftwareUpdatePointSynchronization `

        -DeploymentRing $Plan.Branch `

        -DeploymentPackage $DeploymentPackage `

        -UpdateDeploymentWaitDay $Plan.DaysToWait