If you have worked with Configuration Manager before, then most probably you know that some of the WMI classes contain lazy properties. Microsoft cmdlets for ConfigMgr queries by default these lazy properties, for example


If you query the same Device Collection directly through WMI, then you don’t see RefreshSchedule property value.


If you need to query lazy properties, then you can use the .GET() method or [WMI] accelerator.

Starting from 1604 cmdlets we have a new parameter called -FAST. Parameter FAST allows us to skip Lazy properties and this should make the queries much faster and should also lower the network impact.

If you don’t need the lazy property values and want to lower the query impact, then please use -FAST parameter

  $Update = ‘Windows 7 and 8.1 upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1511, 10586 – en-us, Volume’

# Execute the command without the -FAST parameter

    #SDMPackageXML property contains data

Get-CMWindowsUpdate -Name $Update


# Execute the command with the -FAST parameter

    #SDMPackageXML property is empty

Get-CMWindowsUpdate -Name $Update -Fast



Here are the cmdlets that supports –FAST parameter.

·        Get-CMCertificateProfilePfx

·        Get-CMCertificateProfileScep

·        Get-CMCertificateProfileTrustedRootCA

·        Get-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMEmailProfile

·        Get-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMTermsAndConditionsConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMUserDataAndProfileConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMWindowsEditionUpgradeConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMWindowsFirewallPolicy

·        Get-CMWindowsServicingPlan

·        Get-CMWindowsUpdate

·        Get-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem

·        Get-CMApplication

·        Get-CMCertificate

·        Get-CMConfigurationPolicy

·        Get-CMResource

·        Get-CMSoftwareUpdate

·        Get-CMSoftwareUpdateAutoDeploymentRule

·        Get-CMSoftwareUpdateCategory

·        Get-CMSupportedPlatform

·        New-CMSoftwareUpdateDeploymentPackage