System Center Orchestrator 2012 Beta is out!

  Read all the details in Adam Hall blog Article It contains all the links you need! Downloading as we speak, looking forward to testing the new version in my test environments! I will be blogging about different parts of the orchestrator for the next few months.

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System Center Updates Publisher 2011– publish options

SCUP 2011 enables you to author and publish you own custom updates. When you publish updates SCUP offers you 3 different options. Full Content, this will download the binaries and make them available for a deployment in Configuration Manager thru WSUS. Metadata only, will only download metadata and is suitable when you want to track compliance only. Automatic, the download will take place after SCUP has communicated with Configuration Manager. if any Configuration Manager clients are requesting the update a full content will be initiated otherwise only metadata will be published. This setting requires that you have configured the ConfigMgr. [...]

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The Complete SCUP 2011 installation and configuration guide

  The latest version of System Center Custom Updates Publisher 2011 is released and ready for download. SCUP 2011 is a freeware tool from Microsoft that can assist you in authoring and publishing 3rd. party updates to Configuration Manager and System Center Essentials. To get you started you can download the complete SCUP 2011 installation and configuration guide here I hope the guide can save you a few hours of work and get you up and running with SCUP today. In my guide I have references to two files used to deploy the needed certificates. Those are: Certutil.exe and certadm.dll, [...]

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SCCM Admins guide to preparing your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption – part 3

In part 1 and Part 2, I talked about the requirements for Bitlocker and walked you through how to extend your Active Directory Schema if you run Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2 Windows Server 2003 R2 domain controllers. We then sat the permission so that a Windows 7 machine was able to write its own TPM owner password to Active Directory. Today we are going to put the configuration made in part 1 and 2 to the test and enable bitlocker on a Windows 7 machine. Then we are going to install the Bitlocker Recovery Password Viewer for Active Directory tool [...]

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Error when downloading Adobe Flash using SCUP

I have seen a few sites the last couple of days where SCUP returns an error while trying to download Adobe Flashplayer using either SCUP 4.5 or SCUP 2011. To fix the problem you can: Open SCUP 2011 and navigate to the Adobe flash catalog Select Adobe Flash and open the properties Copy the download URL and paste it into a browser. This will download the update to a local source. In my example to E:\AdobeFlash After the download click Browse and select the local file. After you select the filename you will need to paste the download [...]

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Power management trough the TS (No more automatic Sleep!)

  I have a number of customers who wants to set the power settings trough the TS, as opposed to using GPO’s. I guess that makes sense if you want to allow you users to change the settings them self… By default windows 7 will set the following power options: Sleep/standby in 15 min on battery (DC), Sleep/standby in 30 min on Power (AC). Hibernation after 360 min on both AC and DC. Sleep/standby when lid is closed on laptop. Some of my customers do not want their machines to sleep or hibernate, unless the user makes this choice. this [...]

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Set default keyboard settings based on Running OS

While doing refresh scenarios, its possible to have USMT set the current Keyboard settings for the existing users on the reinstalled OS. The problem however, is setting the same default keyboard settings for new users on that machine.. By default the Keyboard settings will be that of the reference image, so if the keyboard settings in the image is en-US/00000409 it will be so on the deployed machine, unless this is changed somehow ( E.g Unattend.xml, variable, Reg e.t.c) In an XP to Win7 migration scenario (or 7 to 7), you could run a script, to pick up the current [...]

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Notes from Mastering Configuration Manager 2012, Minneapolis January 18-2012

Websites: – Connect to the CM2012 Beta program – Configuration Manager 2012 download – Configuration Manager 2012 discussion list – SCUP 2011 download – FEP2012 beta download – System Center homepage – Latest info on CM2012 – CM2012 videos – Configuration Manager News groups – Config Mgr. homepage – Great community – Information about MOF editing – Config Mgr. addons – System Center Config Mgr. team blog – ConfigMgr 2007 Antivirus Scan and Exclusion Recommendations – New Out of Band Management features in Configuration [...]

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