Distribution Manager – package status is install pending

Its Friday the weekend is coming up and what I don’t want is a day filled errors . On the other hand, errors can be a cool way to start the weekend – if you get them solved! The first 10 minutes at the customer site went according to my plan. I got some coffee and began to distribute a new package. The coffee was black and strong (which is good) but my package never made it to the distribution point (which is not good). The error The status in the console was stuck in Install Pending. I looked at [...]

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Software Updates – Waiting for another installation to complete

Looking at the compliance reports I see that most of updates are installing ok but some are constantly saying “Waiting for another installation to complete” The updates won’t install and end-users are constantly getting an error saying the another installation process is already running. It’s not another running process causing the problem, so restarting services won’t help. Information is stored in WMI and most likely is caused by an earlier installation that failed. To fix the problem – two solutions The drastic one – Repair WMI Log on to the client and stop the Windows Management Instrumentation Service – WMI [...]

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