New cmdlets in Configuration Manager 2012 R2

Here are the new cmdlets in Configuration Manager 2012 R2. Now we have totally 560 cmdlets Copy-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Copy-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem Copy-CMTrustedRootCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Copy-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem Copy-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMAccessLicense Get-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMClientOperations Get-CMDeviceVariable Get-CMInitialModifiableSecuredCategory Get-CMMaintenanceWindow Get-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItemXmlDefinition Get-CMTrustedRootCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMVhd Get-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem Invoke-CMClientNotification Invoke-CMContentValidation Invoke-CMDeviceRetire Invoke-CMDeviceWipe Move-CMObject New-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem New-CMDeviceVariable New-CMMaintenanceWindow New-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem New-CMTrustedRootCertificateProfileConfigurationItem New-CMVhd New-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem New-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem Publish-CMPrestageContentTaskSequence Remove-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Remove-CMContentDistribution Remove-CMDeviceVariable Remove-CMMaintenanceWindow Remove-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem Remove-CMTrustedRootCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Remove-CMVhd Remove-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem Remove-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem Set-CMAssignedSite Set-CMClientAuthCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Set-CMDeviceOwnership Set-CMDeviceVariable Set-CMMaintenanceWindow Set-CMRemoteConnectionProfileConfigurationItem Set-CMTrustedRootCertificateProfileConfigurationItem Set-CMVhd Set-CMVpnProfileConfigurationItem Set-CMWirelessProfileConfigurationItem Get-CMInitModifiableSecuredCategory

Quick and Dirty – Build Configuration Manager 2012 Admin Console Extensions automatically

I just finished one PowerShell script that queries all the Admin Console XML files and it creates automatically Admin Console Extension. You can use this script to locate correct place for you right-click tool. There are totally 655 Console GUIDs. You can download the script from here  

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Can you combine Get-WmiObject with ConfigMgr cmdlets? Yes, you can

Last week I discovered that you can create a Refresh Schedule with New-CMSchedule cmdlet and then you can easily use that object with Get-WmiObject cmdlet to query and modify for example Device Collection Refresh Schedule. Import-Module $env:SMS_ADMIN_UI_PATH.Replace("\bin\i386","\bin\configurationmanager.psd1") $SiteCode = Get-PSDrive -PSProvider CMSITE Set-Location "$($SiteCode.Name):\" $Schedule = New-CMSchedule -RecurCount 2 -RecurInterval Days $Collection = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\SMS\Site_PS1" -Class SMS_Collection -Filter "Name='Windows 8.1 OSD'" $Collection.RefreshType = 2 $Collection.RefreshSchedule = $Schedule.psbase.ManagedObject $Collection.Put() You can create the Device Collection with correct Refresh Schedule but Set-CMDeviceCollection cmdlet does not allow to change the Refresh Schedule. $Schedule = New-CMSchedule -RecurCount 2 -RecurInterval Days New-CMDeviceCollection -Name "Windows [...]

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News in configMgr 2012 R2

Today at TechED 2013 in New Orleans the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Service Pack 1 Overview WCA-B328 also contained some very need news about the upcoming ConfigMgr 2012 R2 release. Below are the info that I managed to take from a very awesome presentation. Windows 8.1 support for a lightweight ConfigMgr agent (BYOD) scenarios Corp owned devices still have the “full” ConfigMgr agent Mobile device management with Intune Some of the key take aways from the session was: Selective wipe New branding options for the portal Company Apps for IOS and Android Software push support for IOS Workplace [...]

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