Thanks to all who attended Peter Daalmans and my session earlier today @ITDevconnections in Vegas.

10 – Dealing with ConfigMgr clients – Jason Sandys Startup script

9 – User friendly OS deployments – Jasons Sandys UI++ OSD Frontend

8 – Stay current

Get a test environment to test SCCM upgrades. For SQL 2016 check this deck from Brian Mason ttps://

7 – The beginning

Think about what you include in your queries and collections – – Steve Thompson blog on SQL and Performance issues

            CASE RefreshType
                        WHEN 1 THEN ‘No Scheduled Update’
                        WHEN 2 THEN ‘Full Scheduled Update’
                        WHEN 4 THEN ‘Incremental Update (only)’
                        WHEN 6 THEN ‘Incremental and Full Update Scheduled’
                        ELSE ‘Total’
            END AS RefreshType,
            COUNT(*) AS Total
FROM  dbo.v_Collection
GROUP BY refreshtype, refreshtype WITH ROLLUP


– SQL script to display number of collections using incremental updates

6 – Windows 10 servicing

Use the upgrade task sequence to upgrade your windows 10 environment

5 – The infrastructure

Keep it simple, check out the new boundary group features in ConfigMgr TP1609

4 – Tomorrow is here

Make sure you evaluate Modern Device Management using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite not to replace ConfigMgr but to extend the reach of devices that you manage.

3 – Handling Drivers

Look into using traditional packages and dism to inject drivers. Mr. Oppelfans has a blog post on the topic,-or-whatever-you%E2%80%99d-like-to-call-it

2 – Software updates understand the servicing models

automate the software update process –

1 – Account and Security

Never use a combined account for multiple purposes in ConfigMgr. Lock down the Network Access account and –