When configuring software updates with ConfigMgr. one of the challenges that I run into the most; is hiding software update notifications from some clients while allowing a full notification on other computers.

You can solve this challenge in two different ways.

  1. Hide all software update deployments and create a package that will display notifications on some clients
  2. Allow software update notifications and create a package that will remove the notification on some clients.

Configure the Software Update Client Agent

In this example I will allow software updates notifications on the agent.  Then i will create a package that removes the notification icon on computers in a specific collection.


The package

The script to be used in the package can be downloaded from the ConfigMgr. SDK. You only need to modify the script to match your scenario. In my example I have configured the UserExperienceFlag to 2 which will remove any notifications.

To create the package

  1. Copy the code below and save it as a VBS file. 
  2. Create a new package with the VBS file
  3. Run the package under the local system account and without any user interaction on computers where you DON’T want any user notifications.

Configure the Software update deployments

Make sure you configure a deployment deadline for those computers that don’t display software update notifications otherwise updates will never be installed.

You can download the ConfigMgr 2007 SDK from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=064a995f-ef13-4200-81ad-e3af6218edcc&displaylang=en