Useful Links, Editors and Books for Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript)

Here is a list of links, editors and books. I have mentioned some of them, in the Visual Basic, Scripting Edition Course (MOC 2433). Links: Microsoft Script Center: VBScript Introduction VBScript Language Reference: Microsoft Scripting Guys! Forum - Technet: w3Schools - VBScript Section: SCCM and other Scripts: UAC and VBSCript: Naming Conventions for Visual Basic: Scripting Guy’s Determine Last Logon time: Encode a Script – Sample: Scripting Games  - Don't Worry, Get SAPI: Using the Speech API to Add Voice and Sound Effects to a Script COM Authenticating Level [...]

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Usefull Powershell Links and Books.

Links: Microsoft Scripting guys! Forum: Usually you will get very quick replys and help in there Powershell 2.0 and others for All Windows (Windows Management Framework) Writing Help for Windows Modules Importing / Exporting Credentials in Powershell (Manually create Credential object) Working wth ODBC: Create Custom Inputbox: Working with Arrays: Change Error Message Colors: PowerBoots - Interface for creating WPF GUI's in powershell Powershell SDK: Free PowerShell Commands for Active Directory Blog: ADPowershell: Outputting Calculated Coloumns in Powershell: The Scripting Guys: How does the RemoteSigned execution policy [...]

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Download: System Requirements: All Windows OS Licence: Free Developer: (multiple developers) Info:   Short Description: Replacement for Notepad, that gives you collar coding, and lots of other useful stuff for editing a variety of script languages. Personally I use for editing XML, VBS and WSF files..

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Checking if User is member of group including nested/sub groups!

Download: I had a challenge today. Problem: My Customer needs to insert a specific text in the Computer description field on the local PC, if the user is member of a specific group. Challenges: The problem is that most of the user are not directly members of the group. but they are members of a nested group that if member of the group, or a nested group , that is member of a nested group , that is member of the group and so on. This gave me a problem, since the usual way of checking the user [...]

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Automated Windows Installer Properties from .INI (Embedded VBScript)

Download: Have you ever needed the functionality to read the property values from an .ini file, every time a installation or repair is run? This small script created for Windows installer, will do the job. Purpose:   Automatically reads a ini file located in the MSI SOURCEDIR property. Each parameter in the ini file is read into the property that have the same name. ex. "DaysSerial"="0100000" line is read in to property named DaysSerial and setting the value to 0100000 System works both with "DaysSerial"="0100000" ini format, or DaysSerial=0100000 ini format. If you later change the ini file at [...]