Welcome to my first Azure Stack blog.

Recently I have been exploring the Azure Stack POC TP1 which is available for everyone at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/

So far I am very impressed, of cause always bear in mind that this is the first technical preview POC.

Today I made a small tool for helping me to have a good overview of my Azure Stack tenant VMs.

In Azure Stack the VMs are named by their GUID in Hyper-V.

This makes perfect sense, since multiple tenants could easily name their VMs the same name.

But when administrating your hyper-v host, It can be a bit hard to recognize which machine is which.


Therefore I have create a small GUI tool in PowerShell to help list the machines on a host, and to be able to trigger some basic actions.


This is the first beta and the following actions have been added:

  • Connect to Console
  • Stop VMs
  • Start VMs


You can download the PowerShell based tool here:


Here is the current script content (the gallery item might be updated since this blog post was published):