update: more information have been released by microsoft. Start here

The new preview of System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2, comes with a new part called "System Management Automation"

In this article series i can been focusing on the 3 parts:

  • Web Service
  • Runbook Worker
  • PowerShell Module

In this article i’ll show how to use the web service in Visual studio. An earlier post described more about the web service


Browse using Internet Browser


The idea is to give you a chance to play around with it, and any kind of comments/feedback is very welcomed!

Lets go!


To make better and easier use of the web service, you might want to add it to a visual studio solution.

This can be done by using the data source wizard:

Step by Step:


Open Visual studio 2012 and create a new solution

Open “Data Sources” tab

Click “Add new data source


Select “Service”. Click Next


Type in URI Address for web service including default tenantID, in my lab it is


(00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 is the guid for the default tenant)


Click Go

Give the namespace a name, in this case i called it SCOServiceReference, but you can name it however you want.

Click OK

You might experience a “Security Alert”. Click Yes


The wizard connects to the web service and list the available services. your result should look similar to this


You can browse the web service in the wizard


or you can select OrchestratorApi and click OK

Click Finish


Now you are ready to browse and use the web service in your visual studio project:


You can also right click the Service reference and select View in object browser to get a better overview