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Yet another guy loving the System Center products. My primary focus is on Operations Manager, which i have worked with for some years now - still loving it.Certifications:Microsoft Certified Solution Expert Private Cloud (MCSE)Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Windows Server 2008 (MCSA)Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization

Common issues when working with certificates in OpsMgr

The last couple of weeks I have been working a lot with certificates in Operations Manager 2012 – agents and gateways in workgroup. I have worked so much with this that it feels like I have seen all the possible issues one can meet when configuring this. Both for helping you guys, and as a notepad for myself, here’s the issues (and solution) I met on my way: First of all, make sure no firewall is blocking the communication. You can test this by telnetting port 5723 both ways.   Issue: no certificates available in the certificates dropdown list when [...]

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Set-SCOMLicense : Requested registry access is not allowed

  My colleague Kåre has already blogged about how to set the Operations Manager 2012 license, to be read here. However, I have experienced this command fails – even when running from an elevated Operations Manager Shell – giving error about registry access:   Solution: Instead of spending hours messing up the the security in registry, simply run Windows Powershell as Administrator, and import the Operations Manager module, by using the “Import-Module OperationsManager” cmdlet. When this has been imported, run the Set-SCOMLicense command and you should succeed:

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Could not retrieve a valid database or server scenario for this install

A costumer of mine had an OpsMgr breakdown, due to misconfiguration of run as accounts. We got the first management server up and running again, but I couldn’t get the second to run. I then removed the Operations Manager installation completely and restarted. I logged back on, opened the setup as administrator to install the management role again, but I got the following error:     Could not retrieve a valid database or server scenario for this install – What?   Even though I was logged on as administrator, the most logical explanation would be insufficient privileges. So, I created [...]

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Delete OpsMgr 2007 Management Group information

  Scenario: - A running OpsMgr 2007 environment with agents – to be degraded. - New OpsMgr 2012 environment without agents. You start pushing agents from OpsMgr 2012, to the same servers which are monitored in OpsMgr 2007. - You successfully install the agent on all servers, which means the agents now report to both OpsMgr 2007 and 2012. You then uninstall all the agents from OpsMgr 2007. This works fine, but the problem is that the management group information for the 2007 environment doesn’t disappear: I digged into the registry, where i could see that these keys are not [...]

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Operations Manager Web Console Unavailable

  All of a sudden, I received this error at a costumer site. At first I was thinking that it was simply because the web site has stopped, or another IIS-related thing, but all everything was running. I even restarted the web site and the IIS service. But, this was in fact related to framework, and the solution was simply to open a Command Prompt as Administrator and run the following command: c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe –iru     The command finished in a matter of seconds, the error disappeared from Operations Manager right away and the web console worked fine again. When [...]

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Convert a management pack to XML / unseal a management pack

  In my previous blog I wrote a step by step guide on how to seal a management pack. Say you have a custom created management pack, containing groups and such, which is sealed. Now you need to add another server to this group, which isn’t possible because it is sealed. To unseal you need to run a pretty simple command and a Powershell script, and here’s how: 1. On your management server, create a folder named MpToXml on the C-drive. 2. Copy the sealed management pack you want to unseal into this folder. 3. Create a .ps1 (Powershell) script [...]

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OpsMgr: seal a management pack step by step

Sealing a management pack is fairly easy (everything’s easy when you’re good at it, i know), but this can be a little tricky the first couple of times. Follow this guide and you should not encounter any problems! To get started you need to download sn.exe and all referenced management packs. For OpsMgr 2007, these can be found in the Program Files\Operations Manager folder. For OpsMgr 2012, these can be found on the installation media. I have uploaded sn.exe and the management packs you need. Download them from here. It is far easiest seal management packs from your management server, as you need [...]

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