The MDT Toolkit is great!

One very useful feature is the “Execute Runbook” Step, which can execute a runbook in Orchestrator.

Unfortunately Orchestrator has a little quirk, when moving to new environment, such as moving from Test to Prod.

All runbooks get a new GUID, and runbook parameters might get a new GUID.  Besides this, the Server names usually needs to be changed too!

This can be a trivial task, which an automation guy like me hate to do! Everytime Server name is updated, all parameters has to be setup again.
This also makes the task prone to errors!

So lets automate it! Below is a script that you can use at your own risk!

Remember to update the configuration in the top of the script.

It does the following:

  1. Open Task sequence using WMI
  2. Read each runbook steps
  3. Replace Server URL
  4. Replace Runbook ID and Parameter IDs by connecting to new web service to pickup new values.
  5. Save TS back into ConfigMgr.

Please make a copy of your TS to make sure you have the original if something fails!



Merry xmas!