The new instructor led training (Now in R2) are ready and scheduled. I have scheduled training in both US, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. So please contact me or one of the training centers about this training.

If you have questions to the content or want more information – please send me an email.

And exactly as on the Mastering training – you will get a training book with more than 25 real life Labs. And samples of every Rule and Monitor in SCOM 2012 R2.


Training Schedule:

  1. SCOM Advanced Denmark: Coretech: 30. April – 2. may 2013
  2. SCOM Advanced Sweden: Labcenter 6-8. May 2013
  3. SCOM Mastering+Advanced boot camp, Seattle: 13-17. May 2013
  4. SCOM Advanced Norway: Glasspaper 21-21. May 2013
  5. SCOM Advanced Sweden: Labcenter 3-5. June 2013
  6. SCOM Advanced Denmark: Coretech: 17-19. June 2013
  7. SCOM Advanced California: Truesec 24-26. June 2013
  8. SCOM Advanced Minneapolis: Truesec 19-21. August 2013
  9. SCOM Advanced US: Truesec 30-02. October 2013
  10. SCOM Advanced US: Truesec 28-30. October 2013
  11. SCOM Advanced US: Truesec 02-04. December 2013


Operations Manager in a distributed environment

  • Installing the first Management Server by a script
  • Recovering a crashed SCOM Server
  • Implement High Availability on The Database level
  • Enabling Database Failover for you Management Servers

Installing Agents

  • Installing Agents with a script
  • Create an AD Directory Based Agent Assignment Account

Advanced Configuring/Lesson Learned

  • Management Server Configuration
  • SQL Server Monitoring/Base Lining
  • Console Configuration
  • HouseCleaning

Internal Stuff

  • Find bottlenecks by checking your Discoveries and Events in the DB
  • Database Maintenance
  • Builtin Rules:
  • Rule: Optimize Indexes
  • Rule: Partitioning and Grooming
  • Rule: Alert Auto Resolve Execute All
  • Rule: Detect and Fix Object Space Inconsistencies
  • Rule: Discovery Data Grooming
  • Rule: Maintenance Mode
  • Rule: Transfer Events
  • Optimizing SCOM for more agent than 1000.

Manipulating Alerts and implementing Intelligence

  • Update Alerts with Powershell
  • Update a bunch of alerts with a PS script
  • Recovery Task
  • Adding Tasks (with overrides)
  • Adding Tasks with PowerShell and $ID$
  • The Official Microsoft Alert Update feature
  • Coretech XML Connector


  • Create a Command Notification

Advanced Reporting

  • Create a Maintenance Mode Report with historical data

Linux Agents

  • Monitor and scripts for Linux

SNMP Devices

  • Trap, Get and Set OID the right way

Management Packs

  • Structure of a Management Pack
  • Management Pack Files
  • Management Pack Elements
  • Compatibility with Operations Manager 2007
  • Types of Management Packs
  • Management Pack Schema
  • Characteristics of Sealed Management Pack Files
  • Enable the management pack to be referenced by other management packs
  • When to Seal a Management Pack File
  • Targets and Objects
  • Understanding Classes and Objects
  • Object, Class and Base Classes
  • Hosting Classes
  • Work with classes in the Operations console
  • Selecting a target
  • Where the monitor or rule will run
  • Workflow targeted at a single instance
  • Workflow targeted at multiple instances
  • What properties will be available for the expression and the alert description
  • Viewing Classes and Objects
  • Targeting a group
  • To create a monitor or rule that runs on agents in a group
  • Selecting a group for a monitoring wizard
  • Management Pack Templates
  • Object Templates (Synthetic Transactions/E2E)


  • Creating custom attributes
  • To create a new attribute using the registry
  • To create a new attribute using WMI

Authoring Rules and Monitors

  • A Large LAB with Samples of ALL Monitors and Rules

Creating a MPs with the Authoring Console

  • To create a class and discovery in the Authoring Console
  • Monitor the windows application (Create a Monitor)
  • Monitor the windows application (Create an event rule)
  • Create a task to control the service
  • Create views to view the health of the application

Seal and Unseal a Management Pack

  • Unseal a management Pack

SNMP Monitoring

  • How to make your Traps work in real life .

Check your management pack with MP Tuner and MP Viewer

Creating MPs with Visual Studio

Creating a Management Pack with Visio Management Pack Designer

Using Visio to create a complete Management Pack with monitoring capabilities

User Interfaces – Widgets - Creating a Custom Widget using Visual Studio

  • Open the Solution and inspect the user control code.
  • Create Test Application project
  • Create Management Pack Project
  • Implement control as a View