I have a few customers who have many sits, end even more Distribution Points. They also have several different task sequences for deploying everything from XP to Server08R2. Every now and then, they will create new DP’s that needs to be updated with packages, and because of space and bandwidth issues, they do not necessarily want everything distributed to these DP’s.

So how do we go about adding only the stuff we need to the new (or existing) DP?  

1 – Download “ConfigMgr DP Util” by Cory Becht , and install it on your Computer.

2 – Run the tool, and connect to your Site Server. You will then get a list view of all available DP’s. Choose the DP that you want to make sure have the needed packages.


3 – Now open ConfigMgr, and navigate to the Task Sequence in question. Highlight it, and click on the References  TAB below the TS. Click on Name to sort the referenced packages in alphabetical order.  


4 – You can now compare the packages needed by the TS, with the packages actually on the DP. And because they are now listed in alphabetical order both places, it should be quiet easy compare the two lists, and have the DP utility distribute the packages for you. Should you have packages with the same name, you will notice that there is also a reference to the packageID in both places.

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