Windows Azure Pack / SMA: How to fix when some VM Clouds Automation Triggers does not work

In WAP VM Clouds provider, we are able to set trigger on different actions.   Yesterday, in a new test environment, I had a problem that some of them would not trigger. When I tested Subscription trigger, it worked fine, but none of the others worked.   Luckily I asked my MVP network for help, and fellow CDM MVP Stan showed me the path to the fix! (Check his blog here: He said some actions are handled directly by WAP, and some are handled by SPF.   The SMA Web service has to use a valid certificate that is [...]

Working with managed applications within Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1

First, let’s define a managed application. In essence it’s a special policy that enable you to control settings in the application or browser like data encryption, can the user save the document as a new file etc. To successfully deploy a managed application you need to mix the application deployment with an application management policy. Configuration Manager will automatically discover if the application can be managed and will show an additional page in the wizard when you create the deployment. It’s worth noting that not all applications can be managed. They have to have the Intune App SDK built-in or [...]

Windows Mobile Phone 8.1 support gone after upgrading to Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1

One of the many changes in the newly released SP1 is support for Windows Phone 8.1 After the upgrade only there will only be support for Windows Phone 8.0. Navigate to the Administration workspace, select Cloud Services, right click your Intune connector, Configure Platforms, Windows Phone. Notice that Windows Phone 8.1 is not enabled.   In our environment we only support Windows Phone 8.1 and we do not deploy any custom signed Windows Phone LOB applications. Enable Windows Phone 8.1 support and click OK. Wait until the next synchronization and you will have Windows Phone 8.1 support back. Another “setting” [...]

Azure Automation: Using Azure Scheduler to trigger a runbook via Runbook Webhooks

One of the great new features of Azure Automation is the Web hooks, which can be added to runbooks. A web hook is a way for an external system to trigger the runbook with specific input values. You can read more about how to trigger web hooks here:   This article describes how easy it is to use the Azure Scheduler to actually trigger the runbook. There is already a scheduler built in, but there can be reasons that one would use Azure Scheduler instead   Azure Automation scheduler is not very advanced so far, it can only trigger [...]

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Upgrade to System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1

Below is the guide that I normally use for a service pack upgrade in a single primary site environment. I will not go into the story about what files you should download as that is already explained by Jason Sandys here -  Planning and Testing Back up the SQL Server database and restore a copy of the database on an instance that is not hosting the production database. Perform a test upgrade of the database to SP1. The test upgrade must be performed on the database copy. Download the ConfigMgr SP1 prerequisite files. Disable management point replicas if they [...]

OMS – Bringing SCOM to the next level

Atlanta, Advisor, Operarational Insights, OpsInsights, OMS or Microsoft Operations Management Suite is the story of a product which have undergoing a stuble path to be the product as it is today. During Ignite at Chicago Microsoft released the newest preview of OMS which in the future will be the primarely interface to monitoring your infrastructure – no matter if your are doing on-prem or Azure monitoring of your IT Services. OMG OMS OMS is a Cloud Service that are able to recieve data from your individual servers or your System Center Operations Manager installation, where the SCOM MS server are [...]

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Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 ADFS New PowerShell cmdlets

Quick comparison shows that we have 37 new PowerShell cmdlets :) cmdlet name Add-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                           Add-AdfsScopeDescription                                                                                   Add-AdfsTrustedFederationPartner                                                                           Disable-AdfsCertificateAuthority                                                                           Disable-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                       Enable-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                        Get-AdfsAccessControlPolicy                                                                                Get-AdfsApplicationPermission                                                                              Get-AdfsAzureMfaConfigured                                                                                 Get-AdfsCertificateAuthority                                                                               Get-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                           Get-AdfsRelyingPartyWebTheme                                                                               Get-AdfsScopeDescription                                                                                   Get-AdfsTrustedFederationPartner                                                                           Grant-AdfsApplicationPermission                                                                            Invoke-AdfsFarmBehaviorLevelRaise                                                                          New-AdfsAccessControlPolicy                                                                                New-AdfsAzureMfaTenantCertificate                                                                          New-AdfsLdapAttributeToClaimMapping                                                                        New-AdfsLdapServerConnection                                                                               Remove-AdfsAccessControlPolicy                                                                             Remove-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                        Remove-AdfsRelyingPartyWebTheme                                                                            Remove-AdfsScopeDescription                                                                                Remove-AdfsTrustedFederationPartner                                                                        Restore-AdfsFarmBehaviorLevel                                                                              Revoke-AdfsApplicationPermission                                                                           Set-AdfsAccessControlPolicy                                                                                Set-AdfsApplicationPermission                                                                              Set-AdfsAzureMfaTenant                                                                                     Set-AdfsCertificateAuthority                                                                               Set-AdfsLocalClaimsProviderTrust                                                                           Set-AdfsRelyingPartyWebTheme                                                                               Set-AdfsScopeDescription                                                                                   Set-AdfsTrustedFederationPartner                                                                           Test-AdfsFarmBehaviorLevelRaise                                                                            Test-AdfsFarmBehaviorLevelRestore   Best

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Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 2 ADFS idpinitiatedsignon error

I just installed and configured a new ADFS server. After the configuration I wanted to test out ADFS login using this address - but it failed with this error: The resources you are trying to access is not available. Event log showed this error message Quick configuration check with Get-ADFSProperties cmdlet and I discovered that by default it is not enabled.     Use the Set-AdfsProperties -EnableIdPInitiatedSignonPage $True command to enable the login.   Best

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Impacted Business Services – Free console task for SCSM

UPDATE: 24-11-2015: Version 2.0: Added support for localization. Open the new provided Coretech.ImpactedBusinessService.Configuration.xml Management Pack and edit/add language pack sections (instructions inside) Example of German translation (thanks to Florian Schwendtner): Added ability to choose own columns related to the System.Service class (instructions inside configuration management pack) The Listview is now a Service Manager listview Added new transparent task icon   Often you want to quickly determine which Business Service(s) is affected/impacted from a Change Request when making a certain change to a Configuration Item, e.g. a database, computer, network component etc. There is no quick way to achieve this today [...]

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Links and tools from our Ignite Instructor lab – Upgrading to Windows 10 using ConfigMgr 2012 R2

Thanks all for attending the Instructor led lab @Ignite – All three Vikings had a great time on stage – thanks for turning the ILL into a very interactive breakout session :-)   Download the labfiles, scripts and instructions from the lab - Download ConfigMgr Technical preview - Driver Import script -

Azure Automation: New features including graphical designer and Hybrid Workers goes live!

Today at Ignite, Microsoft announced the next version of the portal for Azure Automation. This portal is part of the new Azure Portal, and you can try it out right away!! It has some great features in the interface and It enables proper Hybrid Cloud Automation! Execute Azure Automation runbook on-premise and trigger them from on-prem solutions!   Can I get a Woohoo!?   In this article, I will explain each feature in details New Graphical Runbook Designer interface (similar to the classic Orchestrator runbook designer) Hybrid Worker Role!! Web Hooks New portal design with better overview over runbooks, Assets etc. [...]

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Notes and links from the #Ignite Pre-Day, Enterprise Management

Slides and links Here is the link to the slides: Video to deploying Windows 10 IoT to Raspberry Pi 2 Hydration Kit for System Center 2012 R2 The script that exported task sequences was gathered from the following post (by Trevor Sullivan) The script that imported task sequences was gathered from the following post (by David O’Brien) TechNet Docs - Create a Windows 8.1 Reference Image TechNet Docs - Deploy a Windows 8.1 Image Using MDT 2013 TechNet Virtual Labs - Creating a Windows 8.1 reference image Building reference images like a [...]

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