Wsyncmgr.log: The request failed with HTTP status 503

Kent have blogged about WSUS maintenance before – its important so that we don’t hit problems like the one I’m about to share with you, so make sure you do something about it – Link. “The request failed with HTTP status 503: Status Unavailable” in this case the source is a stored procedure running (Microsoft.UpdateServices.Internal.ApiRemoting.ExecuteSPGetUpdatesThatSupersedeUpdate). The wsyncmgr.log snippet above is an example of the WSUS sync failing because the IIS Application Pool had stopped. The reason for it stopping is that the amount of private memory allowed to the application pool had hit the roof, and when that happens the [...]

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Help shape the future of Microsoft Automation/Orchestrator!

The Microsoft engineering team that creates Azure Automation, Service Management Automation, and System Center Orchestrator is asking for us customers to help them shape the future of Automation. Today we run most automation on premise, but in the future this might be a cloud service like Office 365. It all depends on the inputs from us! You can give your input by filling this survey with questions about moving to a cloud service:

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Beyond unsupported – How to add PowerShell ISE to ConfigMgr Admin Console

As you already know, then currently we can only start PowerShell Console through Configuration Manager Admin Console but most likely  you may want to start PowerShell ISE through Admin Console :) Step-by-step guide First, this is not supported so don’t blame me if something is not working. Please also remember that there is no SAVE button in Admin Console Builder Tool! Close ConfigMgr Admin Console Start AdminUI.ConsoleBuilder.exe – You can find this tool under the Admin Console installation folder   Select File –> Open –> ConnectedConsole Select View->Application Menu Items Select Connect via Windows PowerShell and right-click select Clone Now [...]

Working with Queries in ConfigMgr with PowerShell

I accidentally blew up my dev lab and now I need to build a new one but luckily we have PowerShell :). In this picture we have 8 Queries and I would like to create Device Collections based on these Queries. These Queries are built with Servicing Extension.   Here are some of the commands that we can use in Configuration Manager 2012 R2 CU4. These commands allows us easily export/import Queries from one system to another and much more. [crayon-5d5812c42a6f0114586377/] Little bit later we have nice Device Collections in System folder   Using the PowerShell GridView output we can [...]

Microsoft MVP Roadshow 2015 Copenhagen – Slides & Runbooks

As promised here is my slides from yesterdays MVP Roadshow in copenhagen! Will update this next week after the event in Århus!   if you are not signed up, You can still make it! Slides:   Download from here:   (first time i use slideshare, please comment if it is not a good idea )   See you next week Aarhus! :D

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Lenovo Laptop Bugs – System Update & Not Waking Up From Sleep Mode

Before we begin, I would like you to download this System Updater from Lenovo - you will have to use it later on: For Windows 7, Windows 8,  Windows 8.1 -   For Windows 2000, XP and Vista -  If you recently bought a Lenovo computer or laptop, you might as well know some of these problems. Problem: Lenovo laptop won't wake up from sleep, there are driver problems & the Fn and CTRL are not working correctly. Let's start with the Fn & CTRL button. Most of you may have noticed that there is a problem with the [...]