Change Temporary Location for SCCM Media Creation

When you create Task Sequence media in Configuration Manager, the environment variable TMP is used to locate temporary storage for the creation process. By default this points to the users temp folder, which is usually on C: drive with limited space. While this is normally not a problem for creating an online boot media, creating offline media with many driver packages, software packages etc. you are bound to run into trouble. It is not only the Create TS Media wizard that uses this location, is also used when a WIM file needs to be mounted, so every time you create [...]

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SCO 2012 – Reading the last line of a MDT – BDD.log file

Today at my class a student tried to read the last line of a BDD.log file using the “Read Line” activity and setting the lines to “LASTLINE:1” This is the usual method for reading a text file, and it usually works! but in this case we got a weird result! not only one, but 8 lines was read and when we tested on another file, the output was 12 lines!   concluding that the “Read Line” activity must have some kind of bug, we switched to a PowerShell Script: [crayon-5cb8e9e0b5947741228141/]   Add this to your Runbook using the “Run .Net [...]

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SCOM 2012 R2 Crossplatform UI Error

Symptom If you have patched/updated your SCOM 2012 R2 environment and are getting the UI Error below – typically when trying to create new Linux Monitors/Rules or one of the Linux/Unix Syntethic Transactions.     Resolution Upgrade your Linux/Unix management packs. Download the new Linux/Unix MPs from> Import the following management packs: And of cause your MPs for the Linux/Unix built you need. Try to create the Linux script monitor again…  And now it Works…. Have a great day

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Using Server V.Next as a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU3 site system role

Does it work? Sure it does, is it supported? – No way In my test I deployed the new Windows Server Technical Preview 9841, installed the distribution point, management point and software update point requirements. Here you see the distmgr.log file distributing content to my distribution point – notice the server version number. Windows 10 client downloading from the Server vNext distribution point Management Point works like a charm Application Catalog point running from a Windows 10 client Software update point configured as the second SUP works. The SUP is installed using the same shared database as my Windows [...]

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Windows 10 as ConfigMgr 2012 R2 client

No, the client is not supported and yes it works with most of the features. In my case I used Jason Sandy’s startup script to get my client installed. Here is a few screenshots of what I have tested so far: Client is installed and assigned The Application Catalog feature works Application and package deployment works like a charm Compliance Settings tested and working Inventory works Software Update scanning works OS deployment works – just check the blog post from Johan Arwidmark -

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