Managing 3rd. party Software Updates with System Center 2012 ConfigMgr & Secunia CSI Part II

In Part I focused on installing and configuring Secunia CSI 7 and System Center 2012 R2 ConfigMgr. In this part I will explain how you can deploy software updates. I do anticipate that you already have a working Software Update Management infrastructure managed by System Center 2012 R2 ConfigMgr. Deploying 3rd party software updates The process of deploying 3rd party software updates can be initiated from the CSI web portal or using the System Center 2012 R2 ConfigMgr plugin. In my world updates are divided into two categories: Applications managed and supported by the organization. In this category I often [...]

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Follow up questions from my 3rd party software update webinar

As promised here are the follow up questions we didn’t time to cover during the 60 min webinar - Q & A from the webinar Q1 When you have applied an update for Flash e.g., how do you repair that version if the application gets broken? Repair so it reverts back to "old" version or can the updated version be repaired?A1 Traditionally you are deploying the applications from ConfigMgr and the updates thru CSI. Unless you update the application/package in ConfigMgr then you have to install the old version and upgrade it again. Another option is to republish the [...]

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Troubleshooting Workgroup Clients with PKI not talking with MP

I had a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 case going on for a while with Workgroup clients in a DMZ zone that wouldn’t communicate with the Management Point. A PKI infrastructure was in place and running, and the ConfigMgr Client was installing fine on these workgroup clients – but when the time came for the client to start talking with the Management Point i had numerous errors in LocationService.log and ClientIDManagerStartup.log and in a couple of other logs. Errors in the LocationServices.log >> Failed to send request to /ccm_system_AltAuth/request at host MPServerFQDN, error 0x2f8f >> Error sending HEAD request. HTTP code 600, [...]

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Managing 3rd. party Software Updates with System Center 2012 ConfigMgr & Secunia CSI Part I

Question if often get when visiting customers;”Is there really a need for managing our 3rd. party applications when we already patch Adobe Reader and JAVA”? The short answer is Yes, and the longer answer is please look at the numbers. The absolute number of vulnerabilities detected in 2013 was 13,073, discovered in 2,289 products from 539 vendors. The number shows a 45% increase in vulnerabilities in the five year trend, and a 32% increase from 2012 to 2013. Knowing these numbers I get the feeling that only patching Adobe Reader and JAVA is not enough to keep my environment secure. [...]

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SCOM Boot Camp

New training for SCOM – a 5 days SCOM boot Camp with the best from Mastering + Advanced SCOM + Authoring Management Packs. This training is for both the expirienced SCOM Administrator or if you are new to SCOM – But be adviced – we are doing a lot of SCOM Labs during the week. And you will learn all aspect of scom both designing, installing, configuring, visualizing and Authoring. Right now we have 2 dates scheduled: In Phoenix on the 13. – 17. october 2014 (!lab=System_Center_2012_Operations_Manager_R2_Accelerated) In Zürich on the 3. – 7. november 2014 (   And you [...]

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