Seeing Event ID’s 10801 and 33333 on your management servers?

If you see event ID 108101 and 33333 in pairs on your management servers, then you might have relationship discoveries that are failing due to missing target instances. Today I was troubleshooting this issue at a customer. The content of the event ID 33333. The thing to notice is “The specified relationship doesn’t have a valid target” An the event ID 10801. The key information here's is the Discoveryid Copy the discovery ID and enter it in this power shell cmd [guid]$g = "7cf81cf1-b2f2-6242-571e-c4c988639eef" Get-SCOMDiscovery | where {$_.Id -eq $g}   In the result you can see the display name [...]

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SCO 2012: Get Active Directory Group members using Get User Activity

  First when I looked in the set of activities, i was surprised that no “Get Group Members” activity exist. After a little playing around i discovered that “Get User” is the activity to use. And i have been using this activity since then.   It is pretty simple to setup.   1. Select a connection 2. Set a filter that searches for the group using the Indirect MemberOf filter rule:   using above method you can make a simple runbook to empty a AD group of members:  

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Have you ABBA as a Topology view in SCOM?

Or how to remove a picture used as background in SCOM Have you tried the new widgets in SCOM 2012 R2 UR2 – they are really great – it really delivers good possibilities of visualizing your IT Services and presenting information to the right people in your organization. One small thing – if you have used a picture in your Topology Widget – You cannot get rid of it. Therefore, you could be stuck with baggrounds like this: Ooohhh no – why did I import this picture as a my background – stupid me..…… Solution: Remove the ManagementPack: Microsoft.SystemCenter.Visualization.Component.Library.Resources from [...]

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Working with Security Scopes in Configuration Manager with PowerShell

Last year @MMS Kent showed our automated RBA solution and I just discovered that this does not work in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU1 environment. It seems like they have changed the process behind the UI and in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU1 environment they are using different IDs to identify the Object. Before they used FolderTypeID value but now they are using SecuredTypeID values. You will need these values, if you are working with SMS_SecuredCategoryMemberShip WMI class and AddMemberShips/RemoveMemberships mehtods FolderTypeID FolderTypeName SecuredTypeID 2 SMS_Package 2 7 SMS_Query 7 9 SMS_MeteredProductRule 9 11 SMS_ConfigurationItem 11 14 SMS_OperatingSystemInstallPackage 14 16 SMS_VhdPackage 16 [...]

SCOM 2012 R2 APM and Visual Studio TFS 2013 Integration

If you are interested to see how Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and the TFS integration looks in SCOM 2012 R2, then check this short video out. In the video, I demo how three .Net applications are monitored using APM and how alerts from each of them are synchronized to TFS as work items, either to the default project or specific projects and areas. One of the applications that I use for this demo is our Coretech Dashboard for SCOM 2012 and up. Screenshots from the video: APM alerts in SCOM....   …and a work item record in TFS with the [...]

Collections not being refreshed in ConfigMgr 2012 R2

Case, old collections do not refresh when adding or removing objects to the collection. New collections are updated, it just takes a long time. Looking in the colleval.log file there was a lot of errors like this: *** exec dbo.sp_TransferMembership 'PS100014', 0    SMS_COLLECTION_EVALUATOR    02-06-2014 23:14:36    7392 (0x1CE0) *** [23000][547][Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]The INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "ClientOfferStatus_ItemKey_Partition_CK". The conflict occurred in database "CM_PS1", table "dbo.ClientOfferStatus", column 'ItemKey'. : CollectionMembers_ins_upd_del    SMS_COLLECTION_EVALUATOR    02-06-2014 23:14:36    7392 (0x1CE0) CCollectionSource_SQL::RefreshResults - could not execute SQL cmd exec dbo.sp_TransferMembership 'PS100014', 0    SMS_COLLECTION_EVALUATOR    02-06-2014 23:14:36    7392 (0x1CE0) STATMSG: ID=601 SEV=E LEV=M SOURCE="SMS [...]

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