Presenting your IT Services to the right Audience

I am doing a 3 hours session in Stockholm about Presenting/Visualizing IT Services to the organization or your Customers. Sign up and participate – @Labcenter will give a beer while I give you enough knowledge to make great dashboards… We will touch stuff like: Widgets, Powershell, the SDK, Reports, Visio, SLA, SLO. Sign up: See you

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Check if a resolution state is in use before deleting it

  1. Go to Administration –> Settings and Alerts 2. Check the ID of the Resolution State you wish to delete   Notifications   1. Export Notifications Internal Library 2. Open the exported XML in Notepad 3. Search for <Value>ResolutionStateNumber</Value>, for instance: <Value>30</Value> 4. Copy the GUID, without the “ “     5. Open Operations Manager Shell and execute the following query: Get-SCOMNotificationSubscription –Name TheGuidFromXML     You then get which subscription uses the Resolution State Views 1. Open SQL Management Studio and connect to your SCOM instance 2. Execute the following query, with your Resolution State number:   [...]

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Find OpenSSL files with SCOM (Heartbleed)

OpenSSL for Windows are two DLL files which could be installed on some of your windows servers. The two files are: libssl32.dll or libssl64.dll and I am not saying these should be removed – but perhaps updated.   Powershell Script You could find the two files either by a powershell script like this one: – Start the script like : FindFile.ps1 libssl32.dll, libssl64.dkk and it will create an event for every finle found. [crayon-5d300d769440b143064629/] [crayon-5d300d7694420095673481/] [crayon-5d300d7694427294693635/] [crayon-5d300d769442d109748723/] [crayon-5d300d7694433093384266/] [crayon-5d300d7694439175467243/] [crayon-5d300d769443f733895937/] [crayon-5d300d7694445045004938/] [crayon-5d300d769444b766862539/] [crayon-5d300d7694450770125477/] [crayon-5d300d7694456094863933/] [crayon-5d300d769445c768249335/] [crayon-5d300d7694461920929491/] [crayon-5d300d7694467618893326/] [crayon-5d300d769446d423691587/] [crayon-5d300d7694472099418600/] [crayon-5d300d7694478657876039/] [crayon-5d300d769447d703609538/] VBS Script Same script done with a VBS script: [...]

Azure: Microsoft Azure Automation – Its Free!

Last week, Microsoft announced a great new addition to Microsoft Azure, called “Microsoft Azure Automation”. In short, it is the “Service Management Automation” from Windows Azure Pack in Microsoft Azure! This means you can run PowerShell in Azure, without having to worry about servers to execute the code (Runbook Workers). It is all handled by Microsoft Azure.   Another cool thing is that it is FREE! Here is the current price list from Microsoft:   As you can see, both of the editions are Free within the Preview period, but actually the “FREE” version (marked by the red rectangle) will [...]

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Dealing with Jailbroken/Roted devices in ConfigMgr 2012 R2 & Intune

As you enroll a mobile device into Intune/ConfigMgr 2012 R2, inventory data will automatically be uploaded to the ConfigMgr database. One of the data being collected is the Jailbroken/rooted condition. In the below example the device is being detected as a jailbroken device. One of the many benefits of using Intune as the MDM solution is the integration with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager. Once data is in the database we can use the entire ConfigMgr engine to manage the device. MDM devices in ConfigMgr can be managed using the Application Model and the Compliance Management feature. Especially the [...]

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How to change Configuration Manager Hardware Inventory Schedule Client Setting

Today I tried to modify Hardware Inventory Schedule client setting and it didn't work. First I thought that I did something wrong or the cmdlet is broken. Here is the cmdlet Verbose output Then I thought that, lets disable the HW client setting and then enable the HW client setting with correct schedule and Bingo it worked correctly. [crayon-5d300d7695c17104143661/] If you compare the verbose outputs, then you will see the difference - first time it didn’t query the SMS_SCI_ClientComp WMI instance but second time it did.   Now If I try to modify the schedule again I don’t need to [...]