Create ConfigMgr 2012 R2 Collections with Powershell

I know we have migrations tools and other built-in options when we want to build a new ConfigMgr environment. But Microsoft have given us Powershell, and there are some really cool cmdlets that we can utilize. I’ve had a couple of examples lately where i had to create 100+ collections from scratch – or basicly from just a list of applications… And instead of doing that by hand i would much rather do it with Powershell, and save my poor fingers alot of clicking and typing. Microsoft have a Technet site where all ConfigMgr 2012 R2 cmdlets are listed and [...]

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Simple workflow for Configuration Manager Client installation

Here is a really simple Configuration Manager Client installation PowerShell workflow. This workflow queries all the clients where ClientType property is NULL. You can easily add logging, scheduling etc. workflow Install-CMClient { Param( $SiteCode, $SiteServer ) $Computers = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "Root\SMS\Site_$($SiteCode)" ` -Query "Select Name from SMS_R_System where ClientType is NULL" -PSComputerName $SiteServer Write-Output -Input "Total computers without Configuration Manager Client:$($Computers.Count)" ForEach -parallel ($item in $Computers){ $Path = "\\$($item.Name)\c$" if(Test-Path -Path $Path) { Write-Output -Input "Copying installation files to $($item.Name) TEMP folder" Copy-Item -Path "\\Terminaator\CMClient" -Destination "\\$($item.Name)\c$\TEMP" -Recurse -Force Inlinescript{ Write-Output -Input "Starting CCMSETUP.EXE on $($Using:Item.Name)" Start-Process -FilePath "C:\TEMP\CCMSETUP.EXE" } [...]

SCO 2012: Force a Failed status of the runbook!

There are a number of scenarios where you want to fail your runbook and make sure that the runbook status is “failed” this could, for instance be Triggering runbook from service manager, or other external system which checks the result Triggering from PowerShell If you want to use the statistics properly in orchestrator. There is one rule that decides if the runbook status is success,warning or failed. Success = All Activities is success full Warning = One or more activities has failed or warning Failed = Last activity that executes has status failed. The challenge is that many “failures” in [...]

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OLE DB Data Source Monitor error: ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement

  There are no free management packs for monitoring Oracle databases in SCOM 2012. However, a free solution is to use the OLE DB Data Source monitor and install Oracle client on the watcher node. There are several blogs about how to set this up, so I’m not going to write about that.   What I am going to write about is the “ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement” error one might receive from these monitors. Some weeks ago I was at a costumer who wanted to monitor some Oracle databases and I configured the monitor without a query, which worked fine. [...]

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Updated: LEAP Motion Controller Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (C#)

finally had some time to update and test my code for the Office leap controller using the current LEAP SDK (1.0.6)!   Supported so far: Visio - Swipe Pages (for live dashboards etc.) PowerPoint - For Previous/Next Slide in presentation Excel - Change Sheet. Scroll + Scroll Pages Word - Change Page More info on the codeplex site.   Feel free to comment or join the project! Get it at codeplex

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Configuration Manager Support Center

Microsoft just released a Configuration Manager Support Center tool in beta on The Support Center is perfect for troubleshooting clients and collecting client data. There is two tools and some PowerShell cmdlets in the support Center. The data collection tab in the support center, will allow you to collect data from a client (local and remote) and store the information in a zip file. The zip file can be opend in the Support Center Viewer for troubleshooting. A view of the local content on a client from the Content tab Viewing and changing log settings from the Logs tab. [...]

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