Visualization – Put SLA on a Group

A group in SCOM contains anything: Servers, websites, databases and/or network devices. Normally you are using the group to do views, overrides, disables or as base for notification. But a nice feature is to visualize this Group objects in a way where you are able to do a Rollup of all the objects in the group to present it in the new Coretech Dashboard or give it an SLA. To present the group follow this step-by-step blog.   Logon to the SCOM Server and start the SCOM Console Click Authoring Right click Groups and create a new group called “Grp.All [...]

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Set-SCSMTemplateWithActivities powershell script

UPDATE 02-01-2014: Fixed some issues in script   When dealing with the cmdlet: Set-SCSMTemplate in SMLets, you might have noticed that if you apply a template with activities, the prefix of the ID’s (e.g. RA300 or MA250) is all missing. And it’s the same issue if done via the SDK or Orchestrator. One workaround, described by Lee Berg here: is to modify the management pack that contains the template, and then insert the prefix like this: MA{0}. This approach works, but can be quite cumbersome as it takes time to do and also “locks” the template so any modification [...]

SCO/SCSM 2012: Approval does not work from portal when review activity was created by runbook/script/SDK!

Today i had this weird problem.   The Review activities i created from my orchestrator runbook, did not work! I was able to approve, but they never completed! But this was only the case when approving from the portal. It worked as expected from the console!   After some research i managed to find the problem: Approval Condition was NULL! This means that the Review activity will never complete.   So why did it work from the console? Well you see, the default dropdown value for the “approval condition” is unanimous! and therefore, whenever i opened it in the consoel [...]

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How to add Configuration Manager Distribution Point Remotely with PowerShell

If you are trying to add a Configuration Manager Distribution Point remotely you may end up with issue: WARNING: The self-signed certificate could not be created successfully Validation of input parameters failed. Cannot Continue Code example [crayon-5d581ade848c0294067243/] If you take same code and run it locally on your Primary Site Server, then it works correctly but what is the problem then? The problem is that you haven’t enabled CredSSP on your site server and your admin PC. There are so many different posts in internet that explains the second hop scenario and I will not explain it in this but [...]

FAQ for Coretech SCOM Dashboard

Installation Q: Which rights does the account running the Application Pool need? A: The account running the Application Pool must be member of the "Operations Manager Read-only Operators" group in SCOM. Furthermore, the account needs write permission to the CTOMDashboard folder   Q: What are the prerequisites? A: The SCOM Operations Console and Internet Information Services must be installed on the server   Q: When i install, i receive "1001 . Object reference not set to an instance of an object" A: You might receive this when using another website than the Default Web Site when installing. Please use the Default Web Site until [...]

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See overrides for a period

Ever wondered the best way to see which overrides created in your Management Group the last 7 days? This solution is pretty easy: 1. Click My Workspace 2. RightClick and click New.Overrides Summary View 3. Add conditions and give it a name 4. Here you go – Overrides for the last week:   Have a great december and remember to download our new Dashboard… Kåre

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