The Coretech Software Update Management Tool

As demonstrated @TechEd in Australia and New Zealand our latest free tool is the Software Update Management Tool. The sole purpose of the tool is to automate the creation of software update deployments. The benefits of using the tool are: All deployments will be using the same naming standard. the naming standard is WRK/SRV + Year + Value of Month WRK 2013 09. The names are automatically generated using the actual month. You save time by automating the process. You eliminate errors by automating the process. All deployments are created as disabled deployments. This gives you complete control over the [...]

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How to edit default Resolution States

  Resolution States is an area in SCOM that is highly underestimated in my eyes. These can really be used to a lot – scoping, viewing, alerting, subscriptions etc. I do see a lot using it, and those who do have seen the light in this magnificent “tool”.   However, with SCOM 2012 Microsoft has added some default Resolution States:     The Acknowledged state is fairly useful, but the rest… I don’t really know. But these are all predefined, so we can’t delete them. But we can actually!   To edit these it requires manually changes to the database, [...]

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Exchange 2010 MP – be aware of events!

  I admit it, the Exchange 2010 has been fairly improved comparing to its younger sibling, the Exchange 2003 mp. We still have a load of Rules and Monitors, it’s still noisy and we still have to run all the Test-Something.ps1 scripts. There i one thing that one should be aware of though. The mp generates a LOT of events. I was at a costumer site last week configuring the mp, and i got this: 45202 events! In 10 days! The events are pretty usefull when testing the Test-Something scripts, as they run with 5 min. interval, you will get [...]

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Slides and scripts from the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager R2 Advanced Infrastructure session #WCL307

As promised in the session here are the scripts and links that I was using. Video and slides available on Channel 9: Blog: Management Point replica   SQL Scripts: Index and Statistics Maintenance: Pre-creating the SQL database: Download   My generel SQL recommendations:   Planning for Cloud based Distribution Points   Getting started with PowerShell:

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