First look at the Secunia CSI integration with Configuration Manager 2012

A few years ago I wrote a blog posts on Microsoft SCUP and Secunia CSI 5.0. Back then my conclusion was that Secunia had a superb security database but required a custom agent and didn’t have an easy Configuration Manager Console integration. With the latest release of Secunia CSI those “obstacles” are removed and the solution looks very promising. In this, my first test drive of the product, I will see how quickly I can install the solution and start patching my environment. The installation CSI requires that you first install the CSI administrator console and then the CSI SCCM [...]

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Powershell to change Resolution State in Operations Manager 2012

A powershell sample used at a customer for semi-automatically changing the Resolution States: [crayon-5d581c95820c6547137243/] [crayon-5d581c95820d8932110288/] [crayon-5d581c95820e0682920026/] [crayon-5d581c95820e7166415409/] [crayon-5d581c95820ef889302576/] [crayon-5d581c95820f9788574332/] [crayon-5d581c9582104302835836/] [crayon-5d581c958210a101124134/] [crayon-5d581c9582110684286907/] [crayon-5d581c9582115679308184/] [crayon-5d581c958211d987297108/] [crayon-5d581c9582127849784319/] [crayon-5d581c958212e571148033/] [crayon-5d581c9582136858784376/] [crayon-5d581c958213e426339227/] [crayon-5d581c9582145080002437/] [crayon-5d581c958214c592808727/] [crayon-5d581c9582154002356906/] [crayon-5d581c958215b369290199/] [crayon-5d581c9582162183832845/] [crayon-5d581c9582169735402304/] [crayon-5d581c9582170663742510/] [crayon-5d581c9582177521492968/] [crayon-5d581c958217e460965289/] [crayon-5d581c9582186712952553/] [crayon-5d581c958218d306949376/] [crayon-5d581c9582194906881974/] [crayon-5d581c958219b978309705/] [crayon-5d581c95821a2999974683/] [crayon-5d581c95821a9133891673/] [crayon-5d581c95821b1613118472/] [crayon-5d581c95821b8784151132/] [crayon-5d581c95821bf557999575/] And have a great Day Kåre

New Application/Tool to create Health Rollups of groups, Classes and Distributed Applications

In the past couple of years I have seen how companies are dealing with presenting their Services, Distributed Applications, Multi-Tired Applications; Many names for the same object. This Diagram Creation has often been a bit difficult, either you could create a group and use the group in Distributed Apps, which could give you a possibility of enabling the rollup and let the group be green, yellow, red or you could export the Management Pack after the creation and change the content  there are some good blogs around. And now for the Challenge of creating a nice Diagram with servers in [...]

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