Convert a management pack to XML / unseal a management pack

  In my previous blog I wrote a step by step guide on how to seal a management pack. Say you have a custom created management pack, containing groups and such, which is sealed. Now you need to add another server to this group, which isn’t possible because it is sealed. To unseal you need to run a pretty simple command and a Powershell script, and here’s how: 1. On your management server, create a folder named MpToXml on the C-drive. 2. Copy the sealed management pack you want to unseal into this folder. 3. Create a .ps1 (Powershell) script [...]

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OpsMgr: seal a management pack step by step

Sealing a management pack is fairly easy (everything’s easy when you’re good at it, i know), but this can be a little tricky the first couple of times. Follow this guide and you should not encounter any problems! To get started you need to download sn.exe and all referenced management packs. For OpsMgr 2007, these can be found in the Program Files\Operations Manager folder. For OpsMgr 2012, these can be found on the installation media. I have uploaded sn.exe and the management packs you need. Download them from here. It is far easiest seal management packs from your management server, as you need [...]

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System Center Operations Manager 2012 Agent installation failed on a HP EVA Management server

If you are having trouble to install your SCOM Agent on a server where you have installed the HP eva management tools, Insight Manager etc. – first try to stop the Pegasus WMI Mapper – it seams like there are some kind of exclusive locks on WMI from the Open Pegasus WMI Mapper – which affect the SCOM Agent Installation. Stop This one, and run the Agent installation again (Or discovery)   See you Kåre

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Coretech Package Source Changer Beta

  UPDATE: New version uploaded fixing a bug in list and improving error logging. Please send any logs if your application crashes This post describes the tool and configuration. Blog post by Kent Agerlund, describing how to use it in your environment 1. Introduction   As we start migrating from CM2007 to CM2012 one of the requirements is that the package source used for packages must be a UNC. we have seen many site installations where the package source is either a local source on the site server or a UNC pointing to the site server. In either [...]

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