Major issue with SCOM Install or “My SDK Data Service is not starting”

If you already have installed Operations Manager 2012 - Then Microsoft has a resolution: For installation use the workaround In a couple of SCOM 2012 Installations I have now recieved an exeption when the installation tries to start the services, and the installation is rolled back. This seams to be after one of the newly updates from Microsoft, and I think its one of the many .NET updates. I haven’t identified exactly the ones being the bad boy. If you have a plain Windows 2008 R2 with a plain .NET 4.0 Standalone installation everything is running with flying colors. Workaround: [...]

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SCO 2012 – SCOM 2012: Best Practice – Monitor alert and restart a service

I know that SCOM can restart the service automatically, it can even run scripts to check if it was OK. but in some cases, especially when the service need a complex check before the service is marked OK, you might want to use Orchestrator   Luckily the Monitor Alert is easy to use and it has all data from the alert, that we can utilize to restart the correct service. I have created a runbook for this specific task.   The runbook is setup the following way: 1. Monitor Alert: This activity is setup to monitor one or [...]