Slides and links from the TechEd 2012 Pre-conference session

To all of you who participated in the User-Centric Application Delivery Rocks the World: Using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 pre-conf sessions @Teched 2012 in Orlando and Amsterdam – thanks. Johan Arwidmark and I had a great time with lots of very good questions (more than 200 questions). During the session we promised to provide you with links to some of the tools and documents that we spoke about. Slides: The project plan for ViaMonstra: ViaMonstra-SC-2012-ConfigMgr-Project-criterias.pdf Software updates ConfigMgr 2007:Script to remove expired updates from you distribution points and update packages ConfigMgr 2012: Script to remove expired updates [...]

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A New XML Connector for SCOM 2012

I know it – Orchestrator is the tool everyone should use to export/Import Alerts from Operations Manager 2012 SDK and of course there is a reason of why Microsoft does not deliver a connector as they did with 2007. Last week one of my customers ask about a solution they could use until they build enough confidence and knowledge about Orchestrator to let it be the conductor.   So back to the solution, my very skilled colleague Jakob Svendsen has done a great job about developing a connector with both two way communication and with configuration possibilities. This connector will [...]

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Error migrating from Configmgr 2007 to ConfigMgr 2012

I have done several Configmgr 2007 to Configmgr 2012 migrations, and so far all of them have been without to many issues. Well, that is, until this week. I was starting to migrate more than a 100 ConifgMgr 2007 sites into a single Configmgr 2012 primary site (YES, no CAS). After creating the source connecting to the ConfigMgr 2007 Central site, I received this error in the migmctrl.log file The error By reading the log file I could see that most of my objects were successfully analyzed and could be migrated. The error came was shown in the middle of [...]

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ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 announced @TechEd 2012

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 Just finished my first session @TechEd 2012 in Orlando with Wally Mead and Mark Florida. During the session they revealed some of the upcoming features in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1. There will be support for new platforms like: Windows 8 Windows 8 tablet - Intel SoC tablets support Mac OS X Linux and Unix Application changes Support Metro style applications and Deep link applications Network cost support, which is intelligence support for detecting and controlling/blocking traffic from connections like 3G and 4G networks Hierarchy changes You can add a new CAS to an existing stand-alone [...]

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Installing a secondary site in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

  Reasons for installing a secondary site server in ConfigMgr 2012 have been somewhat limited to very few scenarios. I recommend installing secondary sites when you have: More than 500 clients in a remote location Need a local Management Point Need a local Software Update Point Need a local State Migration Point Run the Prerequisites Checker You should always run the prerequisite checker before starting any secondary site installation. The benefit of doing that is the ability to catch errors upfront. Below I’m running the prerequisites checker to verify that my future secondary site server CM05 is ok. Log on [...]

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