SCSM2012: The data warehouse registration failed

If you get the error "The data warehouse registration failed", when you try to register Service Manager with a Service Manager Data Warehouse server, it's maybe caused by the data and time formats settings for the service account on the Data Warehouse Management Server. Go to the Data Warehouse Management Server and log on with the service account, then set the data and time formats to English (United States) and log off. On the Service Manager Management Server, try to register with Service Manager Data Warehouse again. Hopefully this modification has solved the problem.

Sample chapters from the Mastering Configuration Manager 2012 book

The book is almost ready to be shipped from Amazon. Until that happens you can get a sneak preview of the book by downloading two of the sample chapters. My fellow author Peter Daalmaans has uploaded two chapters ready for download. Chapter 3 Migrating from Configuration Manager 2007 Chapter 7 Application Deployment For those who have not ordered the book yet  - WAKE up and pre-order it @ Amazon.

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Eject CD script, quarantined by FEP! PowerShell to the rescue!

I guess everyone knows that you can’t enable BitLocker on a machine from a Task Sequence if there is a CD in the CD drive… The workaround is quit simple, just run a script to eject the cd drive before running the “enable BitLocker” step. Well the other day this script, a vbs, I use, was removed by Forefront.. I guess the heuristic scan evaluated the content of the script to be unsafe, and quarantined it.. This is obviously not good, as it’s needed by the task sequence… So I thought, maybe there is a way to eject the CD [...]

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Enabling Email approvals for your requested applications in Configuration Manager 2012

By default application approvals must be done from within the ConfigMgr 2012 administrator console. If you have Service Manager 2012 you can use that to implement an approval process. For those of you who do not (yet) have Service Manager here is a tool that you can use. The solution consists of a Website and a Web Service. None of them have to be installed on the same server. Also there is no requirement to install any the components on the site server. Download our beta 0.9.8 version here How it works The Coretech Application Approval Server (CAAS) is installed [...]

What’s that! I have a session @MMS2012

Tree years ago, my Girlfriend gave birth to our son, which kind of got in the way of me attending, and 2 years ago, that Icelandic Volcano eruption got in the way! Last year I did attended for the first time and it was great! This year though, I get to speak at a Break out Session.. Yes that right, I’m doing a session called ConfigMgr. 2007 R3: Review and Simplify Your Deployments together with Kent Agerlund. On top of that I will also act as MCT ambassador, at Onsite Training. It promises to be a excellent MMS this year, [...]

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Sessions @MMS 2012 in Las Vegas

MMS 2012 is sold out (again) and just around the corner. I’m thrilled to announce that I'll be hosting a few sessions this year. I hope to see as many as you in those session as possible. Break out sesions CD-B351 A ConfigMgr. 2007 R3: Review and Simplify Your Deployments Join Kent Agerlund and Michael Petersen, two of the world’s foremost Configuration Manager experts in a dazzling session on how to get your existing Configuration Manager 2007 to work with you and be the super cool system management solution you always hoped it would be. In this session Kent & [...]

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All Windows Keyboard layouts

I’m working for this customer who needs computers deployed I several different country's. Because they run XP (I know!) they need that LCID – “hex code” number for the keyboard layout instead of the more user friendly “culture name” used in Win7, like en-US or da-DK. Every time I need these LCID’s I find myself going trough the internet trying to find the correct match for the country I need to deploy to. So here is a link to a list with all the info you could ever need for this.. As a small bonus, I found this need [...]

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