Multi forest support in ConfigMgr. 2012 Part I – Managing clients in an untrusted forest

One of the questions that I have had a lot lately, is how we configure Multi forest support in ConfigMgr. 2012. It’s my plan to document a few scenarios in terms of supporting sites, site systems and clients in remote forests. In this first part, I’ll explain how you can support clients in an untrusted forest without installing any remote site systems. Discover information from the remote forest To configure support for the remote forest: Configure credentials for discovering the “remote forest”. Configure Active Directory forest discovery to discover IP ranges and AD sites. Configure AD System discovery. In the [...]

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Small useful scripts–Changing Driver Package source (PS1)

I have this customer who had to move all driver packages from from one server a another. This of cause meant all the Data Source references had to be change as well. Once al the packages were moved to the new server I ran the following  two scripts to change the source. All you need to change is the $Site to your site code, or add it is a parameter when you run the script. You will obviously also have to type in the old and new path. Syntax: Script.ps1 –Site XXX If you want to only run against one [...]

System Center 2012 RC2 suiten klar til download

Tænk sig, det har lige været Jul og alligevel vælter det igen ned med gaver System Center 2012 RC2 suiten er klar til download fra TechNet Evalueringscenter. Husk også registreringen til MMS 2012 i Las Vegas, US – det tegner til at blive en af de mest interessante MMS events i mange år og det forventes at konferencen bliver udsolgt tidligt i år,  – du kan opnå Early Bird pris intil 27. januar. Vi er 5 deltagere fra Coretech, og håber at møde så mange af Jer som mulig i Vegas.

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Personal notes no 8. Kill a running process

Sometimes you want to shutdown a running process before running an installation of a piece of software. In that case the native XP/win7/server08, utility TASKKILL comes in handy. In a case where I had to upgrade MS Office Communicator to Lync! this would fail if OC was active on the users machine. So I just ran this command to close it before uninstalling. cmd.exe /c TASKKILL /IM communicator.exe /T /F No need to call any 3rd party tools like PSkill or any thing else..

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Notes from the Mastering ConfigMgr. Current Branch 1602 class, Phoenix April 2016

Websites: – Configuration Manager 2012 download – Configuration Manager 2012 discussion list – SCUP 2011 download – FEP2012 beta download – System Center homepage – Latest info on CM2012 – CM2012 videos – Configuration Manager News groups – Config Mgr. homepage – Great community – Information about MOF editing – Config Mgr. addons – System Center Config Mgr. team blog – ConfigMgr 2007 Antivirus Scan and Exclusion Recommendations – Java install and upgrades – New Out of Band Management features in Configuration Manager 2012 [...]

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Attending TechEd EMEA in Amsterdam 2012

The TechEd EMEA 2012 website is open, and part of the exiting program has already been revealed. This year TechEd will start Monday 25th. of June with an opportunity to participate in one of the pre-conference Seminars.  I’m proud to announce that I will be hosting one of the seminars together with Johan Arwidmark. Our seminar is “User-Centric Application Delivery Rocks the World: Using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 a dazzling seminar on how to distribute software using Configuration Manager 2012. Learn about the new infrastructure changes in Configuration Manager 2012, how to upgrade from Configuration Manager 2007, and how [...]

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How to make Operations Manager 2012 RC (SCOM 2012) Fault Tolerance

This solution have been tested with the RC Release – it could be changed in the Final Release. Last week I had an interesting case at a customer – they have a need of making the OpsMgr 2012 RC installation completely Fault tolerance – both the Operator console, Web console and report service need to be able to switch between two OpsMgr Management servers. By default if your System Center 2012 – Operations Manager Operations console is connected to the Data Access service of one management server and the connection fails, it does not automatically failover to another management server [...]

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Clean up your wims

Generally I always use the append method of capturing my images (MDT’s ZTIBackup.wsf will do that for you, as explained here). This allows me to store multiple versions of my production image in the same image file. The biggest benefit of storing multiple images in the same wim file is of cause utilization of the single storage capabilities, as each file is only stored once, hence, space requirements for storing images are less. One problem though, is the amount of images, or INDEXES in the wim. First of it can be kind of messy if you have lots of index [...]

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Configuration Manager 2007 Reporting Point – Cannot set application role ‘webreport_approle’

Stumbled over an issue with a Configuration Manager 2007 Reporting point this morning. The customer couldn’t run a report, instead they got this message in the browser: Cannot set application role 'webreport_approle' because it does not exist or the password is incorrect For what-ever reason it turned out the application role has dropped the default permissions in SQL. To fix and verify the problem I: Started SQL Server Management Studio Navigated to SMS_SiteCode, Security, Roles, Application Roles, verified that the wbreport_approle is created Opened the properties for the role and assigned the webreport_approle schema (which is the default setting for [...]

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Error installing SQL Reporting Builder 3.0 in ConfigMgr. 2012

It has happen to me before, and it will happen again. I ran my ConfigMgr. 2012 administrator console without starting it as Administrator. When trying to edit a report I got the error message: Report Builder 2.0  is not installed as a click-once application on report server The error message is kind of funny, as I had already configured ConfigMgr. 2012 to launch Reporting Builder 3.0 and not the default 2.0 version. When I finally managed to start the Configuration Manager Administrator console as administrator I successfully launched Reporting Builder 3.0 for information about tweeking ConfigMgr. 2012 to launch report [...]

Get original Driver for Lenovo biometric fingerprint scanner

I have had all kinds of trouble installing the Biometric fingerprint scanner that comes with most all new Lenovo laptops. Using the Lenovo software works, but I also installs al kinds of stuff that I don’t want, or need for that matter. Instead I choose to go with the original drive for the Hardware , exactly as I would do with  Storage and network drivers.. All Lenovo machines ( that I know of anyway), that has a built in Biometric fingerprint scanner, uses hardware from AuthenTec, formerly UPEK, so all there is to it is to pull the correct drivers [...]