Make your Microsoft TechNet signature look real nice!

  For everyone posting and answering questions on the Microsoft TechNet forums, you might know that you can add a signature to you profile which will then be added to your Question/reply/answer. This is a nice feature, as you are then able to tell “the world” about yourself, every time you poste something. Now if we look at my dear Boss, Kent Agerlunds signature, you will see that it’s actually quiet nice. Simple yet informative! One thing you might notice though, is the lack of hyperlinks to Blogs, Twitter and Linkedin. It also does not stand out from the text [...]

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New Operations Manager 2012 Training

  Next version of Operations Manager will be released first half of 2012, but already now you can get a solid training on its new features as well as the upgrade path from earlier version. This unique training is based on Operations Manage 2012 RC version of the product and is targeted at level (300). This class will take you through the installation, dimensioning and configuration of the main features in Operations Manager 2012 based on Windows 2008 R2 and MS SQL 2008 R2. After the training you will have a solid understanding of the product and be able to [...]

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Error installing Lync 2010

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being contacted by a customer who was in the middle of a Lync 2010 deployment. The scenario: Windows XP, Windows 7x86  & Windows 7x64 client. Some computer do already have Office Communicator 2007 installed which must be uninstalled. Solution, creating a task sequence: Conditions to only unstall Communicator 2007 if it is installed. Condítions to control whether to install the x86 or the x64 version of Lync 2010 The result: Almost everything worked out as expected, except for 20% of the computers that failed during the Install Lync software step. In the log [...]

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Configure Client remediation in ConfigMgr. 2012 to monitor only using Settings Management

When you install the ConfigMgr. 2012 client, you also get a scheduled Windows task that run daily health checks on the client, and if needed remediates the client. That is a great feature for most our clients, but maybe not a feature you want to implement on all clients. On some servers you might not allow uncontrolled software installations, even if it is an attempt to reinstall the client. To prevent the client from being remediated configure the NotifyOnly registry key from FALSE to TRUE in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\CCM\Ccmeval\NotifyOnly When knowing the registry key and value, it’s easy to configure a CI [...]

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