Configuration Manager shutdown utility

To suppress or not suppress a computer restart when deploying software and software updates that is the question. No matter what you do, you most likely will not win the “best colleague of the Month” award. If you do not force a computer restart you might face problems like: Non-compliant computers Computers being in reboot pending mode which might prevent them from installing new software and software updates If you do force a restart you might face problems like: Very unhappy users Scenarios where you restart while the end-user is using the computer for a demo or presentation End-users calling [...]

Migrating Bitlocker enabled machines to another domain

In the SCCM Admins guide to preparing your environment for Bitlocker Drive Encryption post series, I walked you through how to prepare your environment for Bitlocker in order to enable the backup of the Bitlocker recovery password and the TPM owner password hash, to Active Directory. But what will happen if: 1. You join a stand-alone machine which already had Bitlocker enabled before the domain-join 2. You unjoin a Bitlocker enabled machine from one domain and join it to another domain, which could be a domain in the same forest or another forest. 3. You migrate the computer account of [...]

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